Nut up or Shut up with mobile game Zombieland: Double Tapper

About a week or so ago, the trailer for the long-awaited Zombieland sequel was released. Zombieland: Double Tap brought back the original cast to continue the story of this obscure foursome as they traverse through a zombie-riddled America. Sony Pictures Television Games has announced a collaboration to publish a new mobile game based on the popular franchise called Zombieland: Double Tapper.

The upcoming game will be a roleplaying game that will take players on a wacky road trip through iconic locations in America. The game will feature a large roster of characters that players will be able to collect, upgrade, and customize. This will include some familiar faces from the movies. To go up against the undead civilization that now inhabits America, players will have to their disposal, a huge arsenal of weapons that will let them deal with this pesky zombies in creative ways.

“We are very excited to bring the Zombieland universe to mobile devices. The game will provide hours of entertainment for fans of the Zombieland franchise, as well as anyone who enjoys killing hordes of undead” said Paul Joffe, vice president, Sony Pictures Television Games.

Zombieland: Double Tapper is made in conjunction with Tilting Point, who has developed games such as Star Trek: Timelines and War Hammer: Chaos & Conquest, along with Metagame Studios, who developed Tap Busters, an action-based RPG that lets you play as a bounty hunter to fight evil monsters.

“We’re thrilled at the opportunity to display our skills and dedication in co-developing a title with such a beloved franchise. At Tilting Point, we’re confident in our UA funding and expertise, best-in-class AI tech, and deep understanding of free-to-play mobile games to ensure success for Zombieland: Double Tapper and to provide game players everywhere will love,” said Samir El-Agili, president of Tilting Point.

“Sony Pictures Entertainment has given us the opportunity to explore the Zombieland universe in time for this fall’s highly-anticipated sequel. As our fans know, Zombieland is the perfect match for our sense of humor, and we look forward to bringing them another outrageous game,” said Daniel Nay, co-founder, and CEO of Metagame Studio.

Zombieland: Double Tapper will be available for both Android and iOS, with pre-registration available today.

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