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In the world of gaming headsets, a majority of players will lean towards Turtle Beach, HyperX, or Razer for their next pair. But if you spend the time and look for other brands, then you just might come across LucidSound, a company comprised of industry veterans who are adapting the headset market for gamers.

LucidSound has a wide variety of headsets that are ideal for gamers of all levels, but for gamers who take their sound seriously, their top of the line LS41 is meant to give you the most immersive audio experience. For the last few weeks, we’ve been using the LS41 to see if this top tier headset will be crowned the new champion.


For a top of the line headset, you would expect that it would be built with premium materials. So when it comes to the LS41, that’s what you get. An aluminum frame that stretches from the headband to the ear cups gives you strength that is coupled with a fluid design. The headband is wrapped in leather-like material which is highlighted with an intricate stitching pattern. 

On the ear cups, LucidSound went for an oval shape instead of the standard circular design. This made for a very comfortable fit and feel around my ear when I was wearing the headset. The ear cups utilize a foam that is lined with a layer of cooling gel, which is then finished off with a wrap of both cloth and faux-leather material.

There’s not a lot of buttons that you’ll find on the LS41, In fact, there’s just two that are visible and two that’s cleverly hidden. The first pair of buttons that you’ll easily locate is for the power and the EQ modes, while the other two are hidden on the outside of the ear cups and will mute the chat audio and microphone. 

A big aspect that LucidSound really wanted to focus on was incorporating more natural hand movements. So on both ear cups, you’ll get volume wheels. One wheel will control game audio and the other will adjust chat audio. Including the volume, wheels made it easy and seamless to adjust my volume during gameplay, especially the moments during intense gaming, where a bit more volume would help me out. Finishing off the LS41 design is the removable microphone. The mic is highly flexible and can be formed into any shape that’s comfortable for you. The microphone also features a red LED light that will let you know when you are muted.


When it comes to sound performance, this is where LucidSound really flexes its muscles. Using 50mm drivers, the LS41 pumps a very thunderous low end and razor-sharp mid and highs. This gave first-person shooter games a lot of character, making bullets and explosions sound almost life-like. Taking things up a notch, the LS41 is capable of both 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound, which will give you really great spatial audio. 

The spatial awareness that the headphones created gave me a great advantage in games such as Rainbow Six: Siege. With a lot of clarity, I was able to hear the directions enemy movements were coming from or the direction of certain gunshots. The LS41 is also one of the loudest headsets that I’ve used to date. I was surprised at the amount of overall volume that the headset was able to produce. Combine the headsets loudness with surround sound, and you’re getting a truly great advantage over your competition. 

The importance of what you hear in the game is also equally as important as your communication with your team. The microphone made my voice very clear and discernible when I was chatting with my teammates. There weren’t any clicks or pops in my voice and no auditory dropouts throughout my entire gameplay. Dropouts, of course, happened if I accidentally hit the mute button or the battery of the headset was very low.

For a headset packed with features, it’s going to take a lot of power, and the battery of the LS41 can provide you with about 20 hours of gaming. On a completely full battery, I was able to game for about 2-3 days before having to recharge, and that’s gaming for around 4 hours a day. The LS41 does include a micro-USB cable for charging, and you can get a full charge in a just a few hours. 


I’ve used my fair share of gaming headsets and there have been just a few that have really rocked my eardrums. Needless to say, the LS41 has now joined that benchmark. This high-end headset from LucidSound is a prime example that veteran knowledge of the industry will always produce a top-tier product. The LS41 is loaded with some phenomenal features that will take your gameplay to heightened levels while giving you a superior sound experience. You add that up with a design that maximizes your natural hand movements and overall comfort, and the LS41 will make you equal to those of an elite level.

Score 5/5 Atoms




*The LS41 was provided by LucidSound for review purposes.

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