The Division 2’s Episode 1 – D.C. Outskirts: Expeditions is now available to all players

The Division 2 outskirts ep 1

Ubisoft has plans to keep players coming back to The Division 2, especially with the previous release of the raid mode. Earlier this week, season pass holders had the chance to play Episode 1 – D.C. Outskirts: Expeditions. Well, it’s time to invite all your friends in The Division, because the first episode is now available for all players for free.

Oh, and there’s more. Ubisoft is giving out a “Care Package” to players who play the game now until August 13. Once signing on, you’ll receive the following message:

“Episode 1: D.C. Outskirts: Expeditions is now available. SHD wants to ensure you are equipped for your missions out of the city with a special care package filled with 3 new pieces of equipment. This package also includes 3 pieces of apparel and a brand new backpack trophy. Thank you for your support in the fight to take back D.C. Pick up the package now from your mailbox in your stash.”

The Division sets the story for the post-apocalyptic world, courtesy of a viral outbreak that originated in New York City. With The Division 2, the people of Washington D.C. are fighting back to reclaim the United States because if D.C. falls, the whole country falls. The first-person shooter looter features a detailed city filled with enemies. You can play by yourself or with friends online, and you can compete against other players in the Dark Zone.

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