Interactive theatre show, One Exit, tempts us with the deadly sins

Credit: The Halogen Company

It’s a Thursday night, and I’m at the front steps of a catholic church in Los Angeles. I am being escorted inside and can hear thematic music that is putting me in the mood. There are pews filled with dark, hooded figures, and they are giving off a very creepy vibe. Their heads slowly turn, and I can see glimpses of their glowing skull masks. They then directed their attention back at the altar, and one by one, they quickly walk out of sight. This is One Exit, an interactive show, and I am in the afterlife.

The Halogen Company is a new immersive theater company in the Los Angeles area, and it aims to give guests an intimate experience filled with drama and tension. Its new show, One Exit, is set in hell, and guests are transported into a world where we are being processed. A group of 8 guests will embark on a dark journey, and they will experience an interactive and immersive show that also has an escape room element.

Back inside the church, the only people left sitting on the pews are four strangers. One woman is quiet and dressed in black, a young man is very afraid, an older man is angry, and a young woman in a black leather jacket is looking to have some fun. Our group is separated into 2, and I was assigned to the fun one of the bunch as our tour guide. Hurray!

One Exit

Credit: The Halogen Company

As we watch the four strangers interact, we learn about how each of them died. As for my new tour guide, she was sent to Hell after her lover killed her during a sexual act. I was partnered with a female guest, and we were both blindfolded. Our guide led us into the deeper parts of hell. In reality, we were inside a room that was separated via a dark fabric wall.

With the group of 8 splitting up into a smaller group, that meant that no two experiences were alike. Your enjoyment may vary depending on which experiences you encounter. Some actors may not be engaging enough, while others go all out to help transport you into that world. One Exit is inspired by Dante’s Inferno, and each group encounters the different circles of Hell. I experienced Lust, and in this show’s version, I witnessed two attractive and sensual ladies in very provocative outfits suffering from loneliness. There was temptation as one was fixated on me, and the other was the voice of reason who halted any sexual advances. There was tension as the lustful ladies stared deep into my eyes.

Since I’m a fan of escape rooms, the show does feature an escape room that utilized things the group has done in a previous room. It’s an interesting way to bring back an earlier experience. The actors did help us with hints and directions, but I did wish that we were able to do it with fewer hints.

One Exit is an interactive show that strives on making guests step outside of their comfort zone. They will be asked to reveal something about themselves that others may not know about. The actors can be a hit and miss, but there’s a lot of promise from The Halogen Company, and I can’t wait to see what they’re going to do next.

One Exit had a limited run and was held from July 11 to July 14 in Los Angeles. It’s written by Daniel Manning and The Halogen Company’s founding member, Julia Henning.

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