Get a closer look at Kyrie Irving x SpongeBob SquarePants collection

SpongeBob SquarePants

A few days ago NBA player Kyrie Irving gave us a brief look at his upcoming collaboration with SpongeBob SquarePants. It’s an anticipated collaboration as the Kyrie 5s and Kyrie 2 Lows will be dressed in vibrant colors and designs to depict some of the cartoons memorable and quirky characters. And now Nike has given us an up-close look of the shoes included in the collection.

With a huge fanbase that SpongeBob Squarepants has, Nike and Kyrie Irving wanted to make sure they represent the show in a proper way, adding as much detail as they can within the shoes. When you take a closer look at the Kyrie 5’s SpongeBob’s, you’ll first notice the yellow colorway that’s accented by white, tan, and red colors. Which all symbolize SpongeBob’s outfit. The design is then taken a step further with the squiggly Nike swoosh to represent SpongeBob’s often fluid nature, and a porous material surrounding the “Nike” logo that of course pays homage to the titular characters sponge body.

These small intricate details are carried onto the Patrick and Squidward shoes, as they both use the Kyrie 5 silhouette. Patrick is showcased in a two-tone pink that is paired with neon green, while Squidward gets a seafoam green with touches of tan and purple. Each shoe will then bring in the face of its respectable character printed on the insole. Both SpongeBob and Patrick give off a happy and inviting expression, while Squidward gives you his signature callous look of disappointment. 

Finishing off the collection will be Sandy Cheeks and Mr. Krab, which both use the Kyrie 2 Lows. To give Sandy the look and feel of her spacesuit, you get a white colorway with blue and red pinstriping. But what really stands out for her on the shoe will be the flower and acorn patch, which she always wore on her spacesuit. Mr. Krab comes in his signature red with blue on the sole and touches of green that showcase the characters love of money. Mr. Krabs shoe is then all brought together with a depiction of his business rival “Sheldon J. Plankton” smushed against the side. And just like their counterparts, both Sandy and Mr. Krab will have character images printed on the insole. 

All five shoes in the SpongeBob collection will be available on August 10th.

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