Mixcder E9 headphones (review)

A few months back, we reviewed the budget-friendly E7 headphones from Mixcder. For consumers who were looking for an affordable pair of headphones that provided some overall great sound, the E7 was a pair to get. But for consumers who are looking to spend a bit more, Mixcder came out with the E9. A pair of headphones that cost a tad bit more, but would it still be able to provide the same great audio than its cheaper counterpart?

The E9 holds the same design as the E7 but opts to use sturdier premium materials. The headband incorporates a metal frame for a strong and flexible structure, which is then wrapped in foam, leather-like material, and high-density plastic. Foam on the earcups has a suitable thickness to them that provides a decent amount of comfort, with the faux-leather wrapping doing a great job of not absorbing any sweat and making them easy to clean.

Decked out in an all-black color, the E9 is a great looking pair of headphones. Its choice of color gives it a sleek and clean style, with a glossy finish on the outside of the ear cups to give the pair a bit of pop. Most of the buttons that you’ll need to operate the headphones and control your music will be located on the right ear cup. On the left ear cup will be the switch to activate the ANC and a 3.5mm auxiliary port. The buttons are responsive and offer a subtle clicky feel to them, and they are raised just a bit to make them easier to locate when wearing the headphones.

Incorporating 40mm drivers, the E9 will give a decent listening experience. The audio is fine-tuned to provide a balanced sound, with the low end adjusted to give it some distinction from the mid and highs, but not too much where it starts to overtake the other tones. When it comes to that bump form the low end that most audiophiles long for, you’re not going to get that deep pulsating feeling that you would typically get from higher-end headphones. But still, the E9 does produce a satisfying jolt of bass that will still make your music sound satisfying. 

The ANC (active noise cancellation) on the E9 does a relatively good job of eliminating any outside noise. Using the headphones outside on a busy day, I would rarely hear any of the cars or people that would pass by. The one setback from having the ANC turned on is that the audio would change. You’ll notice an increase in the loudness but also the audio would sound a tad bit flatter. Turning on the ANC made the low end suddenly blend in with the mid and highs, losing that auditory range. 

Overall loudness of the headphones does get fairly loud, but never to a point where discomfort begins to happen. At its highest volume setting, the E9 had no real distortion to the audio but does suffer from a good amount of sound leak. If you’re in a crowded place or area, there can be a good chance that people around you will be able to hear what you’re listening to. The headphones are light and surprisingly comfortable. I never had the feeling of too much pressure on my ears or a strained feeling in my neck. The headphones are nicely balanced so you can wear them for longer periods of time, which is perfect because a full charge of the battery can give you up to 30 hours of listening time.


We all want good audio, but sometimes we can’t pay for such luxury. Luckily, there are still companies that exist that understand that notion and try to deliver a great product for a great price, and Mixcder does just that with its E9 headphones. This sub $100 pair of headphones has a sturdy build quality that is coupled with a lightweight frame that will ensure that you can listen to your music for hours on end. The E9 has a balanced audio profile that doesn’t really favor either the low, mid, or highs. Giving you a generally enjoyable listening experience regardless of what genre you prefer. For a current retail price of $79.99, the Mixcder E9 proves that sometimes even the affordable ones can give you a better value. 

Score 4/5 Atoms




*The E9 headphones were provided by Mixcder for review purposes.

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