SDCC 2019: Sarah Connor, Grace, and the T-800 kick a lot of ass in Terminator: Dark Fate footage

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The Terminator franchise has gone through a lot of bad in the 28-years since Terminator 2: Judgement Day. No matter what you thought of the film, one cannot deny that those films don’t even come close to the level of the first two films. Yet Terminator: Dark Fate is starting to change my mind. With the vision of Tim Miller, James Cameron as a producer, and Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger back, everything seems to be coming into place.

It did take some convincing to bring Linda Hamilton back, though. After all, why would you come back to a franchise after knocking it out of the park the first two times? It all came down to expanding on her role after so many years. A lot can happen in the 28-years since the events of Judgement Day, so that “world of richness” that she could explore ultimately is what brought her back.

As it turns out, the entire film revolves around Sarah Connor. This is ultimately why Tim Miller wanted to direct the film. “If someone asked if I wanted to see Terminator 6, I said f*ck no.” Yet when he read the script (as a fan), he soon realized that this is Sarah Connor’s story.

Unlike Avengers: Endgame, there is only one timeline. So what happens when the things you did in your past has the kind of consequences that you didn’t expect. In Sarah Connor’s case, that decision was to destroy Cyberdyne. Therefore, Dark Fate will involve the consequences of Sarah’s decision to destroy Cyberdyne and its impact now.

This time around, we have a slew of new characters. Dani Ramos will be the one being chased by the brand new Terminator. Only this time, Dani will be helped by both Grace, an enhanced human, and Sarah Connor. Oh, and of course, Arnold’s T-800.

Terminator: Dark Fate footage

Terminator: Dark Fate - Diego Luna
The beginning of the footage is the same as the one we covered at CinemaCon this year. To read a description of that, click here. After that scene, Sarah Connor begins to explain to Dani and Grace, just what she does. She saved 3 billion lives and prevented the apocalypse in 1997. Now, she hunts terminators.

Yet Grace is still skeptical about her. Why does she want to help them? “Because I was her back then and it sucks,” Sarah said. So the three of them visit a small cabin in the woods. Here comes the T-800. Unfortunately, Sarah Connor is still a bit untrusting of terminators. She tries to shoot him but Grace prevents her from doing it. We find out that the neighbors out there call the terminator Carl. “I’m not calling you Carl,” she tells him. The T-800 agrees to help them out.

Sarah is absolutely impressed by the realism of Grace. She works exactly as a terminator should be. Except… She’s not a terminator. Apparently, she’s an enhanced human. Finally, we get a montage of scenes where the new terminator is trying to kill our heroes in a variety of different places. Places such as a factory, a border patrol detention center, and an airport. The action scenes are dynamic and well-shot. There is even a scene where both Sarah Connor and the T-800 teaming up to take down the terminator on a freighter plane. The footage ends with the T-800 slamming the terminator to the ground and using his assault rifle to blast him, point blank in his face.

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Terminator: Dark Fate hits theaters on November 1st.

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