Dragon Ball achieves simultaneous Kamehameha world record

Last year Bandai brought fans the Dragon Ball North America Tour, traveling the continent and stopping at several conventions across the U.S. and Canada. The activation consisted of multiple stations, giving fans a retrospective view of the series, free gear, product demos, and multiple displays featuring past, and upcoming products.

This year the traveling exhibit returns in the form of Dragon Ball World Adventure, which now expands to events across Europe and Asia. Bandai and Toei Animation are sparing no expense this year to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Dragon Ball Z.

To kick off the activation at San Diego Comic-Con, people gathered at the activation for a Guinness world record attempt for the largest simultaneous kamehama, Goku’s signature attack.

Sean Schemmel, the english VA for Goku was on stage walking the crowd through the hand gestures and cadence of the ki blast. In order to achieve the record, there needed to be at least 250 people completing the move, and the final “haaaa” needed to be held for three seconds. The final count tallied 786 people had participated, and a new record was officially set.

San Diego will host Dragon Ball World Adventure through July 20th, with Mexico City coming up as the next stop.

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