New Pokemon Sword and Shield regional characters, Pokemon, and Gigantamax

As we get closer to the release date forĀ Pokemon Sword and Shield, more and more Pokemons, characters, and features are being announced.

First, let us talk about the new feature called Gigantamaxing. It is just like Dynamaxing but at a larger size and it can change their looks. It’s a new special move that’s specific to Gigantamaxing. We see in the new trailer that the fairy-type Alcremie is being Gigantamaxed into a… giant cake.

We also get to see some Galar region Pokemon such as the aforementioned Alcremie (fairy-type), Yamper (electric-type), Rolycoly (rock-type), and Duraludon (steel-dragon-type).

Along with new Pokemon, there are two new Gym leaders and two characters in the Galar region. The gym leaders are Bea, a fighter-type trainer who is only available in Pokemon Sword, and the other is Allister, a ghost-type trainer who is only available in Pokemon Shield. We also meet Chairman Rose and Oleana. Rose is the head honcho for the Galar region Pokemon League, and Oleana serves as the administrative assistant but really runs the day to day ruckus of the league.

Pokemon Sword and Shield will be released worldwide for the Nintendo Switch on November 15, 2019.

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