Spider-Man: Far From Home director on Nick Fury’s ending

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Spider-Man: Far From Home is now in theaters, and so far it has grossed $588 million worldwide from a production budget of $160 million. Not bad at all, and that’s just the first week. The film features many characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe including Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury, and director Jon Watts sheds some light on the film’s ending.

Spoilers Ahead for Spider-Man: Far From Home

In the Spider-Man: Far From Home‘s post-credits scene, it’s revealed that Talos, the Skrull featured in Captain Marvel, was actually Nick Fury the whole time, with his wife Soren filling in as Maria Hill. Later in the scene, Nick Fury seems to be on vacation, but he’s actually in a Skrull ship. Could the film be hinting at a future S.W.O.R.D. organization?

How long did Talos assume the role of Nick Fury? Was it just during the film’s story? Was he Nick in Avengers: Endgame‘s funeral scene? Jon Watts says that it wasn’t that long.

“First of all, to clarify the timeline, that’s real Nick Fury at Tony’s funeral at the end of [Avengers: Endgame],” Watts tells ComicBook.com. “So it’s not like he’s been a Skrull forever or like, it’s not like he’s been a Skrull since Captain Marvel.”

The director did have plans for another hint of Talos is Nick Fury, but it would have been too much.

“We were going to have him eat diagonal toast cut diagonally. You know that one? That would’ve given it away.”

Nick Fury is known to be very cautious, and Talos as Nick was a way for the filmmakers to explain how Mysterio could’ve tricked him.

“There’s such a history of Nick Fury and the Skrulls, especially now that people have seen Captain Marvel and they’ve seen what is happening with those stories in the MCU. But to me, it was always just this fundamental question of how could [Mysterio] actually fool Nick Fury? Because Nick Fury’s superpower is being suspicious, you know?”

“It always sort of bothered me even though we knew that that’s what we wanted the story to be, that Nick Fury could get duped even though he’s been gone for five years and he’s on his back foot,” he continued. “I wanted to come up with one last little reveal that could explain that unanswered question. And when you’re making a con-man movie, it just feels like the right thing to do to have one last little twist that makes you look at everything slightly differently.”

For now, we’ll have to wait to see what big plans the MCU has for the Skrulls.

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