SDCC 2019: Conan O’Brien Funko Pops to include Iron Man, Woody, Pennywise, Jon Snow

Conan It Pennywise Funk Pop

Special exclusive San Diego Comic-Con Conan Funko Pops are now revealed in an Instagram just posted today. The ConanCon Instagram is where it all went down. Nerd Reactor was previously covering the hints that ConanCon was dropping all last week complete with our own guesses. I’d say that we got three and half right out of four.

From Toy Story 4, Woody Conan is a bit out of proportion since we are used to Woody’s long face and super slender gummy-like body, but the clothes are definitely Woody.

Iron Man Conan reprises a common Iron Man repulsor blast pose.

Pennywise Conan is probably going to be the money this year with a complete Conan makeover. We love the clown head and makeup. The “I ❤️ Derry” balloon is a nice touch which references the town that Pennywise torments in the IT movies.

Jon Snow Conan seems a bit off-color and more likely resembles a snake colored armor. It seems that the color of Jon Snow’s signature fur is also green colored. Don’t mind me, I’m just here knocking my computer monitor to see if the color is off.

Here is the official reveal from the ConanCon Instagram:

Also, released this morning are Conan’s Show tickets that take place at the Spreckels Theatre during Comic-Con week. Winning tickets to one of Conan’s show guarantees that you’ll receive at least one of the exclusive Funko Pops above. Follow the link below to 1iota and put your name in the hat. You might get lucky.

1iota Link

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