Dominate the seas as a pirate lord in Survios’ Battlewake VR game

Survios Battlewake

Survios has created some truly immersive VR games like Raw Data, Creed: Rise to Glory and Electronauts. Raw Data made you feel like an action hero whether you’re wielding guns, a sword or bow and arrow. Creed: Rise to Glory had you punching and dodging like a boxer. And Electronauts made you the ultimate DJ, even if you suck in real life. Soon, players will get to channel their inner pirate in Battlewake, the naval warfare VR game.

We had the chance to check out the game during E3, and it was the ultimate experience for fans of naval warfare. Thanks to the VR headset and controllers, you’ll be tasked with controlling a ship as a Pirate Lord in order to defeat your enemies. You’ll get to steer the wheel, drop an anchor to make sharp turns, and shoot cannons from the ship. You’ll even get to unleash the Kraken.

In the demo, we used one hand to steer the ship and the other to aim and shoot the cannons. It’s a very cool feeling, and I even felt like John Wick if he were an actual pirate captain. (Hint: Disney should definitely get Keanu Reeves to play a pirate in the Pirates of the Caribbean films.) It took some getting used to as I was learning to sail the ship while shooting. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be avoiding explosives and dominating the seas in no time.

Battlewake will feature 13 upgradable ships based on real and fictional ships. Four Pirate Lords are available, and they’ll be able to launch special attacks like releasing the Kraken, unleashing tsunamis, or sending ships flying with the stormy maelstroms. You can play by yourself or with friends in single-player PVE, co-op multiplayer or PvP deathmatches.

Some people can get seasick when on the ocean in real life, and if you’re sailing in the VR world, the effect may be too much for you. However, I didn’t feel woozy after playing Battlewake. The game makes you feel like you’re at sea, but Survios is pretty good with preventing motion sickness in their games.

Battlewake will be available at arcades in early summer and Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PSVR in late summer. To sign up for the beta, you can visit

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