SDCC 2019: Conan O’Brien teases this year’s Funko Pops

All the clues are now out and it’s up to the Conan O’Brien fans to decipher what to expect for the highly secretive Comic-Con exclusive Conan Funko Pops. For the past couple of years, Funko has been releasing four mashup Pops that combine Conan O’Brien’s head with a pop culture character. Past Funko Pops include Spider-Man Conan, Predator Conan, and Joker Conan. Right now, it’s still a mystery what this year’s Comic-Con will bring.

Conan Pops are typically one of the most highly sought after Funko Pops every year. These Funko Pops never go on sale and are only distributed to the very few lucky lottery winners to one of Conan’s four Comic-Con episode studio audience. If you are attending Comic-Con and are interested in trying to score a ticket, you’ll need to follow ConanCon on Instagram, where most likely the announcement will be made when tickets are available.

First Funko Pop Hint:

IT Chapter 2 is being aggressively advertised as this year’s Comic-Con, so it’s mostly a no-brainer that the first Conan Funko Pop will be Pennywise. There is some contention that this could also be Chucky from Child’s Play, but the clown hint makes this a home run.

Second Funko Pop Hint:

With newly released Toy Story 4 and also the “Vol 4 Book” hint, there’s a big likelyhood that this second Funko Pop hint reveals Woody Conan. I’d like to say that this is obvious, but maybe we’re being thrown for a loop. I don’t think we’ve seen any cowboy bears in pop culture recently.

Third Funko Pop Hint:

This is the hint where the fans are split. On one hand, we have a robot with a heart that operates as a battery and blasts off. But on the other hand, we can have a space cadet who is also powered by batteries. If this is Iron Man Conan, this might be the biggest grab of this year. Avengers: Endgame was an end to a titan saga and if anything will bring out the emotion this year, it’s Iron Man.

Fourth Funko Pop Hint:

This is another hint where the fans are split. With Game of Thrones over, we see a possible answer. The question is: are we looking at the Ice King who made a blue flame dragon, or are we looking at Jon Snow with obvious dragon relations and former King of the North, based out of Winterfell? It really could go both ways. How crazy would be this be if it was actually King Ice from Dragonball, or Ice King from Adventure Time. We might have a civil unrest in San Diego.

Stay tuned to @ConanCon on instagram, and also to Conan on TBS which will air an episode tonight. We don’t exactly know where the answers will be announced, but those two places are your best bet.


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