Nexus 2019, a cyberpunk pop-up bar, is coming to LA in November

Update: The Nexus Bar has changed its name to Neotropolis Bar.

Blade Runner is a cult classic, neo-noir film starring Harrison Ford, and it’s a very influential film for the cyberpunk genre. The film is set in Los Angeles, November 2019, and we’re four months away in real life. No, we won’t be seeing flying cars or androids that are indistinguishable from humans, but there’s the next best thing, Nexus 2019. Cyberpunk and bibulous fans will soon have the chance to experience a pop-up bar with a future-noir theme in downtown Los Angeles from November 1st to 30th.

The Nexus 2019 bar will be a nightly event and will give attendees a chance to feel like they’re inside a sci-fi film, and they will get to reserve a 2-hour block. It’s described as “an immersive experience featuring fully-designed retro-future interior, themed craft cocktails, food, nightly entertainment, costumed actors, and countless details for guests to explore and interact with.”

Artist W. Kalkanis-Ellis’s renderings. Subject to change

Nexus 2019 is a passion project from creator Jared Butler and his team of entertainment and hospitality industry veterans, who are all heavily influenced by sci-fi films. He’s no stranger to the world of science fiction since he’s the co-founder and event director of Wasteland Weekend, a festival going on its tenth year that’s inspired by Mad Max. Butler came up with the idea during a rainy day this past winter. And yes, cocktails were involved.

Artist W. Kalkanis-Ellis’s renderings. Subject to change

“Los Angeles, November 2019 only comes once in a lifetime,” Butler said. “We’ve been lucky to have so many talented people involved with Nexus 2019, and have put together a design team with decades of experience on major Hollywood productions. It’s really exciting to brainstorm with others who are so steeped in the genre and are now going to have a real-life, 360-degree environment to play in.”

Butler tapped into LA cocktail bar veteran BC Hoffman to create a cocktail menu for Nexus 2019.

“As a fan of the LA Cocktail scene, I’ve admired BC Hoffman’s work for years. He was my first and only choice to create this menu with me,” Butler added. “He’s already put together some amazing things for this- from an edible rum noodle cocktail to innovate reinventions of iconic ’80s era drinks in keeping with the retro-future feel.”

A sample of the drink menu is now available on the Nexus 2019 website at If you prefer a non-alcoholic beverage, the team is working on that as well.

Tickets are now on sale for $82, and you can purchase them on the Nexus 2019 website ( or Eventbrite. Admission gives you two hours inside the Nexus 2019 bar and exclusive swag.

Poster by Ryan Barry and Jay Lender

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