New CivX app aims to keep you politically informed

In today’s political climate, most individuals want to be informed of what’s going on. But it can be difficult to keep up with every bill that’s trying to be passed. We can scour the internet for hours trying to read every piece of news and information that pertains to certain bills, but yet that can be cumbersome to those who don’t have a minute to spare. “CivX” is a brand new app that wants to help individuals streamline the information they get when it comes to the congressional docket of bills. 

We spend a large amount of time on our mobile phones, so it made sense that the best way to keep people informed was to put all that information into a singular place. CivX, a startup that is motivated by the civic engagement, takes the intuitive interface from popular dating apps such as Tinder and Bumble and uses it to present the bills that are proposed by Congress. With a swipe of your thumb, the inviting interface of CivX aims to eliminate any political promises made by politicians so you can yourself make a fair and well-informed judgment.

While swiping through the app, users will get an image and summary of a bill being proposed. If there’s one they see that catches their interest, they can tap on the card to receive more information, such as the bill’s sponsors, sponsor state, sponsor party, date introduced, the latest action taken, and the complete bill text. From there, users can also make a charitable donation to the elected officials’ campaign that’s proposing the bill that they agree with. This gives every user the ability to support electorates in a simple and easy manner. 

Through the CivX app, users will be able to use several informative and interactive features to show their like or dislike for a bill, which is done by simply swiping left or right after viewing the bill. This is all in an effort to turn your average American into a knowledgeable lobbyist. Currently, the CivX app will give users the capability to search and track the progress of congressional bills, view the CivX community poll that displays users financial support for or against each bill, and get customizable notifications that display when a bill is introduced, voted on, approved, vetoed, or reaches $1-million in donations.

“We realized that expecting accountability by proxy from lobbying interests just wasn’t the answer anymore. For better or worse, politicians bound to special interests and mega-donors became part of the fabric of modern American politics. When developing CivX, we simply asked, ‘How can we make promises out of the equation and focus on actions to make our democracy more representative?’ The CivX app is designed to be a civic engagement tool that provides a voice and a vehicle for the average citizen.” said Jason Riccardi, COO. 

Regardless of what your political stance is, it’s always in your best interest to stay informed. Finding a minute to spare to read every piece of news and information that pertains to politics can be overwhelming and unencouraging. With CivX, that power is now placed back in your hands so that you can make your own assessment. The CivX app is available now for free on iOS.

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