The Halogen Company’s One Exit, a new immersive theater with an escape room installment

The Halogen Company's One Exit

Films, video games and theatrical shows have a place in a lot of people’s hearts, but another entertainment medium takes immersion to the next level. Immersive theater, or interactive theatre, combines elements of a theatrical show and narrative video games to make the guest feel like they’re part of the action. The story and genre can be anything, and guests usually have an intimate experience that lasts an hour. The Halogen Company, an LA-based immersive theatre group, has announced that it will be launching a new show called One Exit, which will run from July 11 through July 14 at The In Between in Los Angeles.

The Halogen Company is a new immersive theater group based in Los Angeles, and its new show, One Exit, is written by Daniel Manning and The Halogen Company’s founding member, Julia Henning. It’s an interpretation of Sartre’s No Exit and Dante’s Inferno, you can expect a lot of dark themes.

Synopsis: This immersive theatre experience takes you through The In Between, unearthing past traumas, revealing secrets and putting your souls on the line. Including an escape room installment, this is sure to be one hell of a time.

One Exit will run from July 11 through 14 at The In Between at 1118 N Commonwealth Ave, Los Angeles, CA. The show is lively with loud noises, smoke, and physically restraining moments, so it’s not recommended for the faint of heart. Late entrance is not guaranteed.

Tickets are available for $45 at or by visiting

The Halogen Company has worked on projects like Almost, Maine, its sold-out show based on John Cariani’s play; and Sit Down and Shut Up: A One Woman Immersive Experience, which focuses on female treatment in the workplace in different professional settings.

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