Regal Cinemas to launch ticket subscription program

Regal Cinemas

Last summer AMC Theatres put the final nail in Moviepass’ coffin by launching A-List, its own iteration of a monthly movie ticket subscription. For around $20 a month, subscribers can watch up to three movies a week, including premium formats such as 3D, premium large, and IMAX screenings. A-List is also the top tier of the AMC Stubs program, so subscribers also gain access to additional perks like free/discounted concessions, refills, and waived fees. Though prices have increased varying by state since its launch, A-list has grown to over 800,000 subscribers and has been a big success for the company.

But wait, here comes a new challenger. Regal Cinemas, having taken a year to digest all the different plans and strategies, is emerging with its own subscription service. Similar to UK’s Cinemaworld Unlimited plan, it is introducing a multi-tiered system with $18, $21, and $24 priced plans. Each plan comes with unlimited tickets, plus concession benefits. However, the two lower tiers limit which theater locations you have access to, and could be subject to surcharges for purchases outside of the “network”, depending on your location. In addition, subscribers may also have to purchase a year in advance, though not confirmed. Also not confirmed is whether the plans will include premium formats.

Like AMC, Regal has its own rewards program, Regal Crown Club, which gives you points for every movie you watch. Points can be applied towards free concessions and merchandise. There is no word on what will happen to this program once the Regal Unlimited program kicks off.

Details are still emerging, but the rumor is the program launches this month.

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