Get a first look at the Adidas x Naruto collaboration

Adidas has been collaborating with some of the most notable names in pop culture, releasing limited edition shoes that sneakerheads are fawning over. Last year it gave us a Dragon Ball collaboration, and it looks like it has found its next shonen jump title that might be hitting stores sometime later this year. 

If you have even the slightest knowledge of anime, then you know the famous series “Naruto.” This beloved anime has been gracing fans with exciting and heartfelt stories since its manga debuted in 1997, and it has become Adidas’ latest collaboration. Recently Instagrammer @solebyjc (Jean Carlos) gave us a sneak peek at what this collab could entail.

Unexpectedly, the photos don’t show a silhouette based on the titular character, Naruto. Instead, we see a shoe that is designed after Sakura Haruno, a ninja that is part of Team 7 and teammate of Naruto. Sakura will be represented with a red and pink colorway, with red signifying her outfit, and the pink symbolizing her notable hair. Rounding out the shoe are small intricate details, each paying homage to the character, such as the T.7 on the lateral patch for her martial arts team, and purple graphics insoles with the character design. The shoe will be supported with a white ultra-boost sole.

Just like the previous Dragon Ball collaboration, the Sakura Haruno shoe looks to be the first in what can possibly be a bigger set. Naruto has plenty of characters to choose from who are featured in over the 72 manga volumes or 220 episodes over the last 20-plus years. So we could expect to see more details in the coming months. 

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