Thatgamecompany’s Sky is what happens when you combine Flower and Journey

Thatgamecompany is known for its unique take on video games. Flower has you controlling the wind and a flower petal as it collects more flower petals. In Journey, the third-person adventure game has players traversing a desert area with the ability of limited flight and interacting with anonymous players. What’s next for Thatgamecompany? The next evolution is to have players interact with others while giving them the ability to truly fly. Enter Sky: Children of the Light. We had the chance to demo the game during E3 2019, and it’s truly breathtaking and touching.

With Journey, you can see other players, but the interaction was very limited. Thatgamecompany expanded on player interactions with Sky: Children of the Light. You’ll be able to become friends with the player, give them nicknames, hold their hands, offer a candle, hug and many more. The game is described as a “social adventure,” and because players can’t hear others or have the option of PvP, it really encourages players to help each other and become friends. Yes, shocking!

Sky Light Awaits 5

The game’s art, score, and characters help to create a pleasant world. I couldn’t help but want to become friends with everyone in the game. To do that, I needed to offer a candle. If they accept, they will become your friend, and you can then give them a nickname. You can offer to hold their hand, and if they accept, they will follow you wherever you go. This definitely makes traveling easy since the leader can go anywhere as the follower enjoys the ride. You can even have up to 8 players flying together (as seen above).

Sky: Children of the Light will feature 7 dreamlike realms, and with players from all around the world, you can team up to solve the mystery behind these realms. The game also has character customizations to add flavor to your avatar. Thatgamecompany will be updating the game with new attractions like seasonal events and expansion of realms.

Check out the Friendship Spotlight video to get a taste of how interacting with players works.

Synopsis: In Sky, we arrive as the Children of the Light, spreading hope through the desolate kingdom to recover and return the fallen Stars back to their constellations.

You can pre-order Sky: Children of the Light in the App Store. It is set to be released on July 18, 2019.

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