Conan O’Brien announces return to San Diego Comic-Con 2019

conan o'brien sdcc

Conan O’Brien has embraced San Diego Comic-Con for some time now, and each year lucky fans get to be part of the live audience while also getting their very own Conan Funko Pop figure. Conan has officially announced that he’ll be back for his 5th year at San Diego Comic-Con 2019, which he dubs ConanCon. The talk show host promises that it’ll be bigger and better than before. And of course, the Conan Funko Pop figures are returning!

To learn more about who’s going to be a celebrity guest and how to get tickets and this year’s Funko figures, follow the @teamcoco Instagram.

The tapings for Conan at San Diego Comic-Con will be held at The Spreckels Theater July 17-20.

Want to increase your odds of getting Conan tickets during SDCC? Redditer MsMargo has posted tips on how to get them:

  • Have a badge for any day. Attendees will get a special code. It is believed that those who enter the code get priority for tickets.
  • Do not Opt-Out on the Member ID site for “Third Party” or “Email” ( Many people opt-out thinking they are going to get spam – you do not get spam by being opted-in. If you opt-out, you will not get sent the email with the special code. It will not be resent if you mess this up.
  • Make an account on 1iota ( These are the folks that actually do the tickets.
  • Complete your profile on 1iota. It is believed that those who have complete profiles – Super Fan 1000 points – get priority for tickets.
  • Follow Conan for news. Last year they were using Instagram. But also follow him on Twitter, Facebook, and check the TeamCoco webpage ( ).
  • The lottery usually goes live about 10 days before the Con. The Monday of the week before is a good bet.
    When the lottery goes live people will flood the 1iota site and all kinds of technical problems will happen. Wait an hour and then do your ticket request. Be sure you have your secret code email before you do your request. You can request 1-4 tickets for each taping. It has never been shown that speed helps you in any way.
  • Everyone is “Waitlisted” after they make their request. If you are selected to get tickets you will receive an e-mail confirmation a few days after the lottery.
  • If you are selected, you still have to take your confirmation and pick up your physical tickets and wristbands at the Theater Box Office the morning of your taping. Your entire party must be with you. There are more confirmations than tickets, so you are not guaranteed to get a physical ticket if you come late.
  • Show up for the taping on time. If you come late, even with your physical ticket, they will give your seat away to a standby person.
  • Here’s the TeamCoco ConanCon site from 2018:
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