Crunchyroll Games new game with RWBY: Crystal Quest

The anime RWBY has amassed a sort of cult classic level, due to the fact that it wasn’t created by a major or notable studio. The anime was created by Monty Oum and produced by Rooster Teeth animation, who’s also known for creating Red vs. Blue and Gen: LOCK. Ever since it debuted in 2013, RWBY has run for 79 episodes over six seasons. It also spurred a spin-off series called RWBY Chibi, an anime style comedy series based on the characters of RWBY.

Announced today, Crunchyroll games is bringing “RWBY: Crystal Quest,” a new match-three puzzle game based on the RWBY Chibi spin-off. The game, which is built in partnership with EGLS Technology will be a jeweled puzzle mobile game, that is based on all three seasons of the series, which feature fan-favorite characters Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang.

In RWBY: Crystal Quest, players will get to play as one of their favorite characters and will lead them through a series of puzzle battles. RWBY writer and director at Rooster Teeth Kerry Shawcross said, “We’re so excited to bring RWBY Chibi to life with our friends at Crunchyroll Games and we can’t wait to share more with you soon.”

“The Crunchyroll community already loves RWBY for its charming cast of characters and its engaging action scenes,” said Brady McCollum, head of global operations and international at Crunchyroll. “In RWBY: Crystal Quest fans can expect much of the same, with fan-favorite characters, similar pacing, and attacks coming to life through a fast-paced, match-three format.”

RWBY Chibi is a web series that features short and cute comedy skits that feature the main characters from RWBY. The series is available to stream on VRV and Rooster Teeth. The game is scheduled to launch late summer 2019, and fans of the show are encouraged to pre-register at

RWBY: Crystal Quest joins Crunchyroll Games’ current library that includes titles such as ‘Bungo Stray Dogs: Tales of the Lost,’ and ‘Grand Summoners.’ It is also the marketing partner for the upcoming game, ‘Attack on Titan: TACTICS,” which will release this fall 2019.

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