Two Bit Circus, the micro-amusement park, is ever evolving

Two Bit Circus is the world’s first micro-amusement park, and it is always evolving. There are unique and indie arcade games, escape rooms that they like to call Story Rooms, and plenty of VR rooms and games. It’s located in Downtown Los Angeles, and we were able to check it out again during E3.

Two Bit Circus is a 38k square-foot park filled with all sorts of activities filled with classic carnival games with a tech twist. VR is still a niche market due to the pricing and setup, but kids and adults will be able to access them easily with all kinds of VR, AR and XR experiences at the venue. There are even free-roaming VR games where you can actually move around in a maze, and a 4-player VR experience called The Raft. You can rent a private room and play VR games with your friends, similar to a private karaoke room.

There are new arcade games focused on PvP like Killer Queen, an indie real-time strategy platform game where teams of 5 compete against another team. Two Bit Circus does have a few arcade classics, and as a Street Fighter fan, the Street Fighter II cabinet is great as ever with joysticks and buttons feeling brand new.

If you want to take a break from gaming, you can drink the night away at the bar or eat at the dining area. On one side of the park is a robot bar that’s able to serve you drinks, but we weren’t able to test it out since it wasn’t operational at the time. Trivia nights are a thing, and Friday nights are catered to the 21-and-over crowd with Sister Suxxxie. It’s a mix of ’80s throwback, adult comedy and game show trivia with strong language, sexual themes, and nudity.

Two Bit Circus is located at 634 Mateo Street, Los Angeles, CA 90021 in the south Art District. You can visit the site at

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