Summoners War celebrates its 5-year anniversary

Summoners War

Summoners War is a mobile turn-based strategy MMO from South Korean developer Com2uS. It has garnered over 100 million downloads worldwide with $1.35 billion in earnings. That’s a huge chunk of change. During Pre-E3 weekend, the company held a fan event at Tom’s Urban in Downtown Los Angeles filled with all sorts of activities to celebrate the game’s 5-year anniversary. In addition, the company has released infographics for Summoners War over the years along with a video honoring its anniversary.

The infographic below shows the path of Summoners War from its launch until now. It’s quite an achievement in downloads and sales.

The next infographic shows the numbers of summoned monsters, trees planted, guilds created and more throughout its 5-year history.

The last infographic shows the game’s growth all over the world.

Check out the 5-year anniversary video featuring the fans below.

It’s not over yet since Com2uS will be announcing more updates for Summoners War in the future.

The game has players becoming a summoner who can summon monsters to fight for them. These monsters can range from 1 to 5 stars, with 4 and 5-star monsters being rare. The game features a main storyline, and players can compete against each other in cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes.

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