E3 2019: LucidSound reveals a range of gaming headsets coming this fall


LucidSound has built its company on the idea that gaming headsets should sound great, look great, and feel great. And during E3, it displayed its latest headsets that will be hitting the market later this year. Gamers vary in skill level, therefore LucidSound has introduced a line of headsets that will be available for gamers of all levels.


The LS1 is the most affordable headset in LucidSounds product lineup. Geared towards the casual gamer who is more interested in chatting with their friends than hearing the game, the LS1 has a one-ear cup design so that it doesn’t interfere with the game audio that comes from your T.V. The LS1 features a 50mm driver for superior sound quality, a flexible noise-canceling boom mic, a light-weight frame for comfort, and LucidSounds signature over-ear volume controls. The LS1 will be available for PS4, Xbox One, PC and will retail for $24.99.


The LS10 is designed for the avid gamer who doesn’t have a lot to spend on a headset but still wants quality sound. Featuring a custom-tuned 50mm speakers with state-of-the-art neodymium magnets, gamers will get deep bass and clear highs. The headset also features a dual microphone design, with one being a flexible boom mic for gaming, and an integrated mic for mobile. The LS10 will be surround sound ready and will also feature LucidSounds on-ear controls. Available for $59.99, the LS10 will be compatible with PS4, Xbox One, Mobile, PC, and Nintendo Switch.


When it comes to premiere headsets, the LS50 is the one that hardcore gamers will want to get. The LS50 is a dual purpose headset that can be connected to your console or PC and any Bluetooth audio device. The headset will feature plush, gel-cooled oval-ear cups that can be easily replaced, a dual microphone that features a removable boom mic for gaming and an integrated mic for mobile phones. 50mm drivers will provide crystal clear highs and deep bass, and the signature LucidSound audio acoustics for immersive audio. The LS50 will also be built with a rechargeable Li-ion battery that can run for 20 hours. LucidSound has also partnered with Hip-Hop legend Snoop Dogg to produce a special edition LS50 headset. Available for PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mobile, Nintendo Switch, and PS Vita, the LS50 and LS50 Snoop Dogg Edition will retail for $299.99.

Regardless of your skill level in gaming, LucidSound wants to make sure that you’re equipped with the right headset at a price you can afford. The LS1, LS10, LS50 and LS50 Snoop Dogg edition will be available later this fall. The LS50 Snoop Dogg edition will be available in a limited amount.

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