E3 2019: Haymaker wants to level up your audio headset

There’s plenty of headphones available for gaming and everyday audio use, but yet there aren’t many options when it comes to an all-around headset. That’s about to change with Haymaker, a company that’s focused on delivering a headset that can be used for both gaming and music listening while giving users the best sound experience.

Debuting at E3, Haymaker’s flagship headphone will be a sleek and premium headset that will have innovative features that will be perfect for gaming. Equipped with dual mode adaptive noise canceling, touch sensor controls, and clear voice processing, the Haymaker wants to give gamers audio, unlike anything they’ve ever heard before. To make things even better, the Haymaker is also compatible with smart devices and computers via a Bluetooth connection.

Matt Bremyer, Founder of Haymaker said:

“Finding headphones that look as good as they sound is downright frustrating. We took this, as well as feedback from consumers about how they wanted their headphones to sound, into account when we developed The Haymaker. Whether you’re a mobile, PC or console gamer, these headphones will not only look badass but will also deliver an incredible sound experience that is unmatched on the market.”

To give the Haymaker a premium look and feel, the headset will feature a sleek, black carbon fiber body. It will have memory foam ear pads in both leather and cloth options, multicolor synchronous RGB LED lights and a flexible foldable headband. An LED indicator on the headphones frame will indicate Bluetooth connectivity, charge status, and low battery power.

When it comes to the audio, the Haymaker will utilize Dirac 3D Audio, which will allow the headset to accurately depict sounds from the direction that they are coming from. Alongside the Dirac 3D Audio will also be Dirac HD Sound, which will correct the impulse and magnitude frequency response to refine the musical staging, clarity, voice, and bass fidelity.

We were able to give the Haymaker a test during E3 and aside from its premium design, what really stood out for us was the sound quality it produced. While playing PUBG, we were able to hear the direction that gunshots were coming from as well as the footsteps of the enemies that were around us. The Dirac 3D audio did a great job of formulating the in-game audio to give us that advantage over our opponents.

They Haymaker will retail for $329.95 and will be available this coming summer.

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