Captain Marvel gets an Honest Trailer

Captain Marvel has received the Honest Trailer treatment!

We’ve had an incredible year thus far with comic book films. Everything from Avengers: Endgame to Shazam!, we have had a great year and it’s only the beginning. As a mark of a comic book (or any other genre) film that has wide range of reactions, we can always rely on an Honest Trailer to voice all our thoughts.

In similar fashion to the many films that have derived from comic book lore, Screen Junkies has done it again and created another great Honest Trailer! In the latest offering from the hilarious channel, their enigmatic narrator delves into many of the smaller quirks of the film, including Brie Larson’s “range” of emotions, characters that don’t really get explained well enough, and many others.

Dive in as the Trailer points out not only some of the weaknesses of the film, but also some of the high points. These range from the many fun ’90s references to the Stan Lee cameo and his tribute at the beginning of the film. Check it out below:

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