E3 2019: Fight heaven and hell in the new DOOM Eternal story trailer

Doom Eternal

DOOM Eternal is easily one of the most anticipated games at this year’s E3. The game will release later this year in the ongoing celebration of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the DOOM franchise as part of id Software’s “Year of DOOM.” During Bethesda’s showcase today we were able to see new footage from the upcoming title that revealed more of the story of what DOOM fans came to expect from id Software’s new game.

It is uncertain just how long after the first game DOOM Eternal picks up. In the trailer, we hear a disembodied voice talking to the Doomslayer. The ominous voice warns that if we continue our one-man killing spree we will bring down “heaven’s wrath.” The voice goes on to say “it is their time to give penance. You are, but one man. They are no longer your people to save.” All signs point to heaven not being on your side and it being a key location for us to wreak havoc on.

Rumors of heaven being a playable level actually began swirling around last year. The trailer gives a few glimpses of Sentinel Prime, which appears to be an almost Roman-like city. We even get a very brief look at one of the angels. Some fans believe that this could be Seraphim, the high ranking angel that gave the Doomslayer infinite power and stamina to fight the forces of Hell.

Doom Eternal

There also appears to be three ghost-like figures that appear in the game. One appears to be a wolf, he is to be some sort of priestess with a group of people bowing and the other is an older man sitting on a throne itched with the same symbol of the Doomslayer. It is unsure at this time if they are enemies or just NPCs that stand there to deliver exposition. Hopefully, we will find out more about these new elements in DOOM Eternal as E3 continues.

DOOM Eternal will be out later this year on November 25th and is now available in a sick Collector’s Edition that comes with your very own Doomslayer helmet. Also, make sure to check out the teaser for the new Battle mode multiplayer after the trailer.

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