E3 2019: Blair Witch game comes to scare you on Xbox

20 years ago the Blair Witch Project hit theaters. This small independent movie gained huge success for its found footage style of movie making. It was suspenseful and creepy, which was heightened by the fact that most people thought it was real at first. Over the years, numerous found footage horror movies hit the market, but yet none were able to really grasp the same spine-chilling effect that Blair Witch had.

During this years Xbox press conference, the Blair Witch legacy continues with an all-new game created by video game developer Bloober Team in partnership with Lionsgate Games. “Blair Witch: Evil Hides In The Woods,” is a story-driven psychological horror game that takes place in 1996. A former police officer named Ellis heads to the Black Hills Forest near Burkittsville, Maryland to try and find a young boy that has mysteriously disappeared. Equipped with a flashlight, a camcorder, and his trusted dog, Ellis ordinary investigation suddenly turns into an ongoing nightmare as he confronts his fears and the Blair Witch, the ghostly force that inhabits the woods.

Blair Witch will hit you with a barrage of scares intended to test your limitations to fear and stress. You’ll experience an original story that plays on the Blair Witch lore. You’ll guide Ellis through the cursed and haunted woods that distorts both space and time. You’ll be going up against the horrors induced by the Blair Witch, all of which is intended to break the timid mind of Ellis, a man who’s past weighs him down.

The trailer starts off with Ellis running through the woods and into a decrepit cabin. You have an idea that something or someone is chasing him, but you never see it. The trailer then breaks down into a series of disturbing images that give you an idea of what kind of scares and tension you’ll experience as you play the game.

As the trailer continues to move forward, I couldn’t help but think that this could be Silent Hill, but we then see the infamous wall scene from the end of the Blair Witch movie. Where a person is standing in front of a wall, not moving, not speaking, it becomes clear what this new horror game is, which is then solidified with the closing scene of an aerial shot of the woods that bears the Blair Witch insignia.

Blair Witch will be available on both Xbox One and Steam on August 30th, 2019. Check out the trailer below

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