Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield release later this year

During the Pokemon Direct, we got a more in-depth look at the new installment of Pokemon games, Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. There are many things to talk about, but the first biggest reveal is the release date of November 15th. It is almost an annual occurrence that a Pokemon game will be released late in the year, so this is no different. The eighth generation of Pokemon will be released later this year, and we also see more of the Galar region in the video.

We already know the starters: Grookey, the Leaf-type monkey Pokemon; Scorbunny, the Fire-type rabbit Pokemon; and Sobble, the water-type lizard Pokemon. But now more Pokemon were introduced. First is the Wooloo, the sheep Pokemon; Dreadnaw, the turtle Pokemon; Gossifleur, the flower Pokemon; Eldegoss, flower Pokemon and Gossifleur evolution; Corviknight, the bird Pokemon; and of course the two new Legendary Pokemon, Zacian and  Zamazenta, both are wolf Pokemon.

The video also shows more of the layout of the land, showing Pokemon wandering around the world as if it were an open world type game called Wild Area. You see a Ryhorn, Tyranitar, and others roaming the vast lands. This is a new take on the Pokemon world, making it more like an RPG-type game. So it looks like random encounters will be less frequent. It did show that going to a grassy area will still give you a slight random encounter. You can even ride a bike in the water. And just like that, one can hear Prof. Oak faint in shock seeing you riding a bike on the water.

Speaking off encounters, the gym battles look to be insane and is held in a stadium built for (American) football games. And it seems like giant-sized versions of the players’ Pokemon will do battle, at least during the final gym master battles. This is thanks to the new Dynamax mechanic of the game.

We also see a four-player raid battle on the video called Max Raid Battle. The Raid feature from Pokemon Go may be added to this game. The raid Pokemon will always be in Dynamax mode, and only one player from the party can activate the Dynamax mode, so choose carefully. Players can play with local players as well as playing with friends online.

Are you excited for the upcoming game? And which do you plan to buy? Let us know in the comments.

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield will be released on November 15th for the Nintendo Switch.

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