Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge has very rare black Kyber crystal for lightsabers at Disneyland

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Darth Vader in Rogue One. Credit: Lucasfilm

Disneyland has finally opened the highly anticipated Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge over the weekend, and it was packed with fans excited to check out all the different activities it had to offer. This included getting drunk at Oga’s Cantina, flying the Millennium Falcon in Smugglers Run, assembling a droid in the Droid Depot, eating at Docking Bay 7, and building a custom lightsaber at Savi’s Workshop. Thanks to the power of the Kyber crystal, you can change the color of your lightsaber blade to red, purple, blue, green or another. However, there is a very rare Kyber crystal, and it’s hidden inside a Kyber crystal package.

According to an insider, the rare black Kyber crystal is available if you get the red Kyber crystal, and the odds of getting them are 1 in 100. (See on Amazon.) The good news is that you can buy the Kyber crystals separately for $12 each, and they are available at the antiquities shop. So what happens if you use the black Kyber crystal? According to one user, the blade will still remain red. But it does have other features if you use it on a Sith Holocron, which is available at other stores inside Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

Holocron. Credit: Nerd Reactor

There’s also a message placed inside the package of the black obsidian Kyber crystal.

“Today, you have found something truly special. This small fragment of obsidian is infused with the power of the dark side. When placed inside a lightsaber or Holocron, this rare fragment with unnatural powers, mined from a dark side shrine, will have similar properties as a red Kyber crystal.”

Galaxy's Edge Star Wars Kyber Crystal (Blue)

Galaxy's Edge Star Wars Kyber Crystal (Green)

Galaxy's Edge Star Wars Kyber Crystal (Red)

Galaxy's Edge Star Wars Kyber Crystal (Purple)

Galaxy's Edge Star Wars Kyber Crystal (White)

Galaxy's Edge Star Wars Kyber Crystal (Yellow)

A YouTube user has found the rare black Kyber crystal. You can check out his discovery below.

Happy Place Explorers go into detail on getting their own black Kyber crystals. Some Star Wars fans have come up with a strategy to figure out which red Kyber crystal has the black crystal. Simply shine a light at it, and the black one should be darker compared to the red one.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is open at Disneyland, and guests wanting to attend will need to make reservations. Once a reservation is made, they will have four hours to play in the new land, so it’s recommended to plan ahead.

To get the full Kyber crystal experience, you’ll need to go to Savi’s workshop. Once there, you’ll get to customize your lightsaber and choose between 4 Kyber crystals (green, blue, purple, red). The coolest part of the experience is when the padawans place their lightsaber hilts on the table and all the blades light up. It’s a sight to behold as they embrace their new and elegant weapon for a civilized age.

Credit: Hanae Cajigas / Nerd Reactor

There are only 14 stations available for customizing the lightsabers in Savi’s workshop, with the experience lasts around 20 minutes. With few stations and a longer experience, there will definitely be a long wait.

As for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, we suggest checking out Oga’s Cantina first since it’s a popular area. Once inside, you will have 45 minutes to have fun if you’re at a table. Those in the bar area can stay as long as they want. DJ Rex will be playing the hottest space mix, but be careful about wielding your lightsaber here since it is frowned upon by the staff. We did get cheers from the patrons though.

May the Force be with you with your search for the black Kyber crystal.

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