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Many people have lots of expensive or priceless tech and other items in their home. It is only natural to want to protect those items, especially if there is nostalgia connected to them. So what options are there to monitor and protect these items? One could get an expensive security system that would provide a sense of security, but that means less money for games and tech. Plus, those security companies also charge monthly rates, so that’s even less money for games and tech over time. This is just one reason why eufyCam E is the best option for monitoring a home.


There are many features that the eufyCam E (see it on Amazon) provides that make it desirable. Starting with the fact that there is no monthly fee for its use. That’s right, all that needs to be purchased is the eufyCam E Kit. Currently the 2-Cam Kit is priced at $315.99 on the EufyLife website and Amazon. Compared to the incredibly high costs of most home security products, this is a huge bargain. Battery-life is another benefit. The eufyCam E gets around 1 year of wireless life because of the 13,400 mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery packed in its small frame. The 1-year lifespan is based on typical usage.

If the cameras are set to a higher motion sensitivity, it will affect the longevity of the battery. Either way, the battery life will last at least 8 months, which is incredible. It has to have a long battery-life though. No one wants to have to forget to charge their battery and lose footage of an incident because they have to constantly charge it.

In addition to the 1-year battery life, the eufyCam E can also save and capture up to 1 year worth of footage. I have the motion sensitivity on the eufyCam in my kid’s room set fairly high to keep an eye on them and prevent injuries or fights. The fights are inevitable, unfortunately. However, when one of my kids comes crying to me and the other is trying to lie about what happened, I can pull up the footage. Telling them I can look at the video usually changes their story very quickly. The 2-way audio also allows me to chastise them for fighting from somewhere else, like work.

I have been testing the eufyCam E for about 2-3 months now and even though I have a plethora of videos captured per day, there is still plenty of room for more. Reviewing the footage is simple as well. Eufy has created a EufySecurity mobile app for Android and iOS. The EufySecurity app has tons of functionality, like:

  • Setup eufyCam E cameras to home base
  • Add/remove devices
  • View recorded and live camera video
  • Delete/download/manage video storage
  • Add/remove family and guests to view and manage cameras/videos
  • Set security modes (Home, Away, Schedule)
  • Customize security modes (Notifications, Turn on/off Alarm or Video recording)
  • Adjust night vision, microphone, anti-theft detection and motion detection sensitivity
  • Get support via live chat, call or email

eufycam e

The app is laid out simply which makes it very easy to use and navigate. It does require creating a new account if one is not already set up, but inviting family or friends is easy. It sends them a link and they just follow the steps to create a new account. Once they log in, they will be prompted that they were invited to manage the cameras. The eufyCam E viewing field is a 140° panoramic. Perfect for setting up outside to keep an eye on the yard or vehicles parked on the street. I for one am paranoid that someone will hit my parked car and not leave a note.

The night vision is extremely convenient too. Hearing an unsettling noise from a baby monitor can be scary. Being able to quickly check in on the kids when they sleep without getting out of bed is a luxury. Most of the time it is nothing worry about, but checking in brings a peace of mind. The motion detection sensitivity can be adjusted as well. For instance, if placed outside to watch a car, the sensitivity should be set a bit lower as to not constantly record any traffic driving by. If it is placed in a large backyard, then turn it higher to record things that might happen at a further distance.

The motion detection isn’t perfect, however. The eufyCam E will still record a video whenever it notices a moving reflection. It would be best not to place it towards a window or reflective surface unless that is the intended purpose. It will also allow users to save videos to a Micro-SD card. It is even smart enough to encrypt the data so that it is still password protected. Having mentioned before that the ridiculously long-lasting battery of the eufyCam E is rechargeable, it is also important to note that it won’t take long to charge. When using a QuickCharge 3.0, the cameras will recharge completely in under 2 hours.


Setting up the eufyCam E is unbelievably easy. Start by connecting the home base to the internet via Ethernet and plugging the power in. Then launch the EufySecurity app and login/create an account. Once logged in, follow the setup steps to connect the eufyCam E to the home base. Lastly, find a location to screw the strong metal base for the eufyCam E into the wall or ceiling. Then simply place the camera on the base and position it to the desired angle. That’s it. The whole process should take about 15-30 minutes (depending on internet speeds) because there will likely be a firmware update for the system.

eufycam e outside

Build and Quality

The eufyCam E is built from a high-density plastic that is incredibly durable. The frame is compact and sturdy, and it definitely doesn’t feel easy to break. The magnet is found on the rear and is used to connect to its metal base installed on a wall or ceiling. (It can be connected to nearly any metal surface as well.) The strength of the magnetic connection will be the least of worries. There is no way it will fall off unless it is forcefully pulled off the base. Which in that case, the anti-theft alarm would sound.

When recording or viewing the eufyCam E in night vision, the camera will use 2 infrared lights. This is definitely noticeable to those within eye-shot of the camera. The video quality will rise and drop as viewed live but is still very smooth and clear. The live and recorded video quality is up to 1080p. Live video latency is around 2-5 seconds and the frame rate sits around 20-30fps. This all depends on the home internet network quality and speeds. From my experience, the color and auto-brightness correction are bar-none.

The home base is the only device that needs to be plugged in at all times. This provides a very clear and wireless experience. The overall build and quality of the eufyCam E feel premium. That said, it is completely safe to use these cameras indoor and outdoor, and it does not need to be in a covered spot outdoors. The eufyCam E is IP65 weatherproof and can withstand most climates (-4°F to 122°F). There isn’t much that the eufyCam E can’t handle.

Final Reaction

My personal experience with the eufyCam E 2-Cam Kit has been an absolute pleasure. It makes parenting more convenient and brings peace of mind when away from home. With the 1-year battery-life, motion detection, online and local encrypted storage, night vision, and superb video quality, it’s hard to be disappointed. Eufy can pat themselves on the back for a job well done. Giving a sense of security and peace of mind, while also making it cost-effective, puts the eufyCam E at the top of my list of “Top tech you didn’t know you needed.”

Rating: 5/5 Atoms


  • 365 days of battery life on a single charge
  • Local data storage via encrypted removable Micro SD cards
  • 2-Way Audio
  • Anti-theft Alarm
  • Eufy Security app
  • Up to 1080p Resolution
  • AES 256-bit data bank-grade encryption
  • Weatherproof IP65; Operating temperature from -4°F to 122°F (-20°C to 50°C)
  • 140° panoramic view
  • 33ft (10m) night vision
  • No contracts or monthly fees
  • 13,400mAh Li-ion battery
  • QuickCharge 3.0 compatible

The product was provided by the manufacturer for review purposes.

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