Co-op zombie shooter ‘World War Z’ close to 2 million units sold

World War Z

Zombie shooters are still very popular in the gaming community, especially with recent games like Days Gone. World War Z is a new zombie shooter that’s inspired by the film starring Brad Pitt. It brings back the feeling of classics like Left 4 Dead while delivering a unique take on the zombie horde. Developer Saber Interactive and publisher Focus Home Interactive have announced that the game has nearly sold 2 million units. To mark the occasion, a new accolades trailer has been released.

World War Z captures the zombie horde from the movie where hundreds of zombies are running fast and in huge groups thanks to the Swarm Engine. The undead will do almost anything to reach its goal. That includes climbing over each other like ants to get to you. You and 3 other teammates are tasked with mowing down zombies to survive. The sound of the zombie horde spells out certain doom. But if you’re communicating with your team, then you should be able to walk out fine… after dying over and over again. Thankfully, your teammates can help revive you.

“World War Z has fast become one of our most successful interactive games to date. It’s a testament to both the incredible co-op action experience that Saber Interactive and Focus Home Interactive have crafted, as well as the strong appeal of our hit franchise with fans across the globe,” said Josh Austin, SVP, WW Licensing and Interactive at Paramount Pictures.

There’s more free content coming to World War Z for its first season. It includes a new Tokyo mission, new zombie type, six difficulty setting, Weekly Challenge mode and more cosmetics. Other free updates will include a wave-based survival mode, private lobbies, the ability to change classes during PvPvA matches, field of view (FOV) and more.

The game features six classes and all types of weapons including explosives, turrets and traps. The online campaign missions will have four players team up as they survive in New York, Jerusalem, Moscow and Tokyo. Players wanting to fight other players and zombies can opt for the team-based Players vs. Players. vs Zombies mode.

World War Z is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Epic Games store.

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