Assassin’s Creed gets location-based VR escape room with Beyond Medusa’s Gate

Nothing is true; everything is permitted.

At least that’s what the Assassins like to say. Ubisoft is known for making the Assassin’s Creed games, and it is stepping outside of the realm of consoles to deliver a truly immersive experience with Beyond Medusa’s Gate, a location-based VR escape room set in the world of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. It’s now available in over 100 different locations across the U.S. and Europe.

You won’t have access to this game on your PC or consoles, so you will need to bring your friends and venture out to a location near you to experience the VR escape room. If you haven’t done escape rooms, the premise is pretty simple. You and your group of friends are tasked with solving puzzles before the timer runs out. You usually have 60 minutes to escape, and the theme can range from horror to fantasy.

With Beyond Medusa’s Gate, you can play with a total of four players, and each person will have unique tasks as they solve puzzles from area to area. Upon starting the game, you will have the option of choosing between 6 different characters, male or female. In addition, you can choose to wear a hood, mask or helm in the game’s lobby.

In the real world, you’re standing inside a small room with a VR headset and two motion controllers. You’ll be able to turn fully around and walk around a bit in real life to reach an area. But since you’re still in a small room, you’ll need to center yourself again. Sorry, this isn’t like The Void where you can actually roam freely in real life.

Once you have your character set up, you’ll finally get to enter the world of Ancient Greece. You’ll be starting off by yourself to solve your first puzzle. If you are stuck, there is a hint system. All you have to do is raise both of your hands to activate it. Once you solve all the puzzles in the room, you’ll be reunited with your friends in a huge area inside an Aegean coastal cave.

Your group of 4 will be split into teams of two, and each team must work together to finish a puzzle. One example had us controlling gears to connect pieces of an aqueduct together. One person was in charge of rotating an aqueduct horizontally, and the other was in charge of lifting it up and down. Throughout the experience, you’ll need to climb, shoot arrows, and interact with objects to complete an objective.

Beyond Medusa’s Gate is a lengthy VR escape room experience, and you will have one hour to finish it all. For us, we were able to beat it in around 40 minutes. Once the experience ends, you’ll get the chance to pose for photos. (See below.) Even though it’s not a free-roam VR experience, the escape room game is enhanced thanks to the beautiful scenery and elaborate puzzles.

The VR experience is developed by Ubisoft Blue Byte, and it’s the second experience under the Ubisoft Escape Games platform. The first was inspired by Assassin’s Creed Origins.

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