Rocket Arena is a 3v3 first-person shooter focused on rockets

[Rocket Arena] Key Art (2400x1100)

Publisher Nexon America and developer Final Strike Games have teamed up to deliver a new and exciting free-to-play 3v3 multiplayer first-person shooter called Rocket Arena. The art style is cartoony, and the gameplay is competitive with a new spin on rockets. They have announced that a closed beta will be headed to the PC starting on May 23 to May 29.

The beta will be available via Steam and the Nexon Launcher. To sign up for the closed beta, you can visit the Rocket Arena site here. Once it’s live, you’ll get to play in six different maps, four game modes, and choose between six characters. You can also earn cosmetic rewards that can be applied to the final game.

In Rocket Arena, you’ll be able to select different types of characters in 3-versus-3 battles that last for 5 minutes. There are different modes, but the name of the game is to knock the opponent out of the arena with your rocket launcher. Your character will have a blast meter, and if it’s increased to its critical point, your chances of being knocked out of the arena are higher. The other team will gain points for knocking enemies out, but you won’t be out of the match since your character will be able to return to the map.

Each character is equipped with their own unique rocket launcher, a versatile weapon that can attack enemies and launch your character higher into the sky. With the addition of triple jumps, your character can blast themselves even higher. Aside from your main weapon, you’ll have unique specials based on your character like dashing across the area.

Online matchmaking will put players together based on skill level and latency, so you shouldn’t have to worry about going up against a better or new player.

“We developed Rocket Arena with high-quality gameplay mechanics, superb controls, and the network code required of an online FPS. Rocket Arena is an intricate shooter at its core, complete with a marvelous world, colorful characters, and ridiculous rockets,” said Kevin Franklin, Founder/CEO of Final Strike Games. “Nexon shared our vision for Rocket Arena and provided the resources and expertise to realize our goal. The result is a game that our team is exceptionally proud of, and look forward to playing every day.”

Rocket Arena will be available for the Xbox One and PC, and both will be cross-platform compatible. The PlayStation 4 is currently in development.

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