Rage 2 is now available, and here’s what reviewers are saying

Rage 2

Rage is the first-person shooter from id Software, the developer behind Wolfenstein 3D, Doom and Quake. Today marks the release of its sequel, Rage 2, which is developed by Just Cause’s Avalanche Studios. It’s now available worldwide for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. You play in an open world as Ranger Walker, a hero set on the path to stopping General Cross and his mutated Authority minions.

With the game out, reviews are popping out of the woodworks. So far it seems like the game is receiving generally favorable reviews. You can check them out below:

“Rage 2 sticks to its own nature of an open world sandbox game, offering a short plot but at the same time an incredible, genuine quality of action,” Eurogamer Italy‘s Gianluca Musso wrote.

“RAGE 2 is probably one of Avalanche’s best games since Mad Max came out in 2015. The wildland offers plenty of content, and the fun is always there, thanks to the input of id software for everything FPS related, and Bethesda’s trademark humour (including those hilarious cheats),” said JeuxActu‘s Damien Greffet.

“Rage 2 has room to grow, but it’s also a great game to pick up and play,” PlayStation Universe‘s Timothy Nunes said. “Combat is visceral in all the right ways, and exploration is always rewarding. A few technical issues and a general sense of sameness keep it from pure excellence, but Rage 2 still represents a good time.”

“Rage 2 is a great game for the right reasons,” GameSpace‘s Jatobi wrote. “If you’re looking for a game with a phenomenal story, you’re in the wrong place. The story is boring to me, and rather short at 13 hours of leisurely gameplay. At the very least it doesn’t drop off the planet like Rage did. Gameplay is fun, and vehicle combat works well, giving you an open world Mad Max-esque experience that is simply enjoyable and hard to put down.”

“Rage 2 is buggy and features a by-the-numbers open world, but the core shooting mechanics are exemplary and the progression systems are a ton of fun,” Screenrant‘s Zak Wojnar wrote.

“Rage 2 is a chaotic, fun, and rewarding adventure that combines a light but interesting narrative with explosive combat and a well-structured open world,” Gamers Heroes‘s Blaine Smith said. “It won’t blow you off your feet, but you’ll have plenty of fun blowing everyone else off theirs.”

Not everyone is happy with the Wasteland, as you can see below.

Slant Magazine‘s Justin Clark wrote, “It’s hard not to be disappointed in how little use the Wasteland has for you when you’re not dealing in lead.”

“The up-close-and-personal style of combat that id Software games are known for was the first milestone in Rage 2 and that’s reflected in the overall package,” Digital Trends‘ Charles Singletary Jr. said. “When you’re fighting, the game is at its absolute best. The elements around it don’t feel as if they received the same amount of love and drag the experience down a few notches. Fans of id Software games or anyone looking for a good old fashion Doom shooter will find it in Rage 2. Fans of Avalanche Studios’ sandbox games will want to stick with Just Cause 3 or 4.”

Synopsis: Master your devastating arsenal of flesh-chewing weapons combined with your performance-enhancing Nanotrite-infused abilities to help turn the enemies of the wastes into bags of flesh. From the River Hogs of the swamps, to the Goon Squad of the wastes, to the sewer-dwelling mutants, to the samurai-esque Immortal Shrouded, everything in RAGE 2 is out to get you. Make sure you get all of them first.

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