Nura launches NuraNow, new headphone subscription service

To this day, my favorite go-to pair of headphones is the Nuraphone. It has a sleek and minimalistic design and produces some amazing audio. The Nuraphone is known for being a premium headphone that can tailor its audio to the precise way you hear music, doing away with the need to fidget with an equalizer. When I want to treat myself to some high fidelity music, I’ll always grab my pair of Nuraphone.

The Nuraphone isn’t cheap, and if you really want to treat yourself, the headphones will set you back about $399 USD. The team at Nura knows that everyone should own a great pair of headphones and they now have made it possible with the introduction of their new program called NuraNow.

NuraNow is a new subscription program that will allow consumers to own a pair of award-winning headphones on a monthly plan. Starting at just $9 USD a month, consumers will be given the opportunity to “pay as the play” without the need to be tied to a contract and will have the ability to cancel at any time. The monthly plan will give its subscribers a hardware refresh or the option to receive the latest product offered by Nura every 24 months.

Dragan Petrovic, CEO of Nura said:

“At Nura, we are dedicated to delivering the best possible music experience to our community and continuing to make the experience even better over time. NuraNow subscribers will be able to get, not only our software updates but also a new device from Nura every 24 months.”

Included in the membership, as long as it stays active, consumers will get:

  • 1x Nuraphone — the world’s only headphones to learn and adapt to your hearing
  • A new Nura device every 24-months and keep every device received from Nura
  • Worry-free Warranty
  • If the Nuraphone breaks, Nura will fix it, including cover accidental damage or loss.
  • Free Analog Cable – $19.95 USD
  • Listen wirelessly with aptXTM HD Bluetooth, or plugin with a 1x free analog cable.
  • NuraNow members will be contacted each month with special offers — including Invites to events, services, and discounts from our partners and friends.
  • Chance to Win Music + Merch
  • Enter exclusive prize draws for the chance to win music downloads, records and more

Nura ran a trial of their new NuraNow program in their home territory of Australia. The program sold out in a week, which allowed Nura to expand the subscription program to now included the United States and the United Kingdom.

NuraNow will be available in 3 different plans starting at $9 USD, £9 GBP or $10 AUD a month with no lock-in contracts. The program will be available in the three mentioned countries starting May 1, 2019.

You can subscribe to NuraNow at

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