Samson G-Track Pro USB Microphone review

With the growing popularity of video game streaming, YouTube videos, and podcasting, content creators will always demand equipment that can provide the best audio quality possible for their audience. The new G-Track Pro from Samson Tech is a USB microphone that looks to simplify the content people produce every day.


The G-Track Pro is ready to use right out of the box. There’s no assembly that’s required, all that’s needed is a computer with an available USB port and you’re ready to record. The microphone is built with an all-metal chassis that gives the microphone some discernible weight and stability, which will ensure that the microphone won’t tip over while you’re in the middle of a recording session.

The microphone stand which is also built with an all-metal chassis carries a bulk of the microphone’s weight. Underneath you’ll get a soft pad that lets you slide the microphone easily across a hard surface. The joints on the stand swivel to let you easily angle the microphone in your desired position. These joints are designed to exclude any tightening options, which will let you quickly adjust the microphone while recording, as well as eliminate any drifting that can happen from the stress from the weight of the microphone.

On the front side of the microphone, you’ll find a mute button and three knobs that will let you adjust the microphone or instruments gain, and the overall volume. Samson has also designed the microphone to be easily switched between omnidirectional, cardioid, and a figure 8 pattern, by simply toggling a switch. You can also use a secondary switch to change between mono and 2-track recording. On the back side, you’ll find a switch to turn on or off monitoring mode and two different inputs. One is a 3.5mm auxiliary port for headphones while the other is a ¼” inch port for instruments.


I used the Samson microphone to record my voice to see how it performs, and the audio came out very clean and clear. My voice sounded sharp, audible, and there were hardly any pops in my vocals when I would talk too fast. When it came to the different microphone patterns such as figure 8 or omnidirectional, the audio was very well balanced, with each side being evenly audible.

The Samson G-Track Pro comes with recording software AudioDesk by Motu, which is a software where you can record, edit, and export your audio recordings. If you haven’t had experience with multi-track software such as AudioDesk, then it can be a little intimidating when you first launch it. The software is capable of doing everything you need when it comes to recording your audio, whether that’s a podcast, live stream, or even instruments. The software can record your audio in 16 or 24-bit depth with sample rates up to 96kHz.

Final Reaction

Whether you’re looking to record a podcast, audio for a video game stream, or YouTube video,  the one thing that is certain is that you’ll want to record great audio, and the Samson G-Track Pro does exactly that. Right out of the box, the microphone is simple to set up and use in just minutes. The onboard controls simplify the use of the microphone, from easily switching between the polar patterns to adjusting the microphone’s gain. The all-metal body makes the microphone durable and heavy, which also ensures that it will last for all of your recordings. The integrated microphone stand makes it easy to place on your desk, but if you’re looking to use a boom arm, unfortunately, the microphone does not come with an adapter to attach to an arm.

AudioDesk has a lot of great features that can help you record and deliver great sounding audio, but if you’re not used to a full-fledged multi-track software, then you’re going to have to spend some time getting familiar with the interface. There are of course other options, such as your computer’s built-in audio recorder that can help you record your audio right away.

If you’re a content creator, the last thing you ever want is to deliver terrible audio. For a price tag of around $150, the Samson G-Track Pro USB microphone is a tool that you’ll need if you want to give your audience great clean and clear audio without too much effort.

Score: 4.5/5 Atoms

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