Steelseries changes Xbox One gaming forever with new Arctis 9X

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Steelseries is well known for its award-winning gaming headset on the market, the Arctis series. Today Steelseries welcomes the Arctis 9X to the family. Since the Arctis series is already versatile in functionality with devices and features, what does the Arctis 9X bring to the table? Simply put, the best Xbox One wireless headset period.

“We worked with Microsoft directly to create a brand-new Xbox Wireless solution from the ground up … As a result, we’ve created the highest quality implementation of the Xbox Wireless connection seen on an Xbox headset to-date,” said Brian Fallon, Senior Product Category Manager of Audio at SteelSeries.

Xbox One Features

Since Steelseries was able to partner with Microsoft, there were several things they were able to accomplish. For starters, full Xbox One integration. This means that you can connect the headset to the Xbox One just like an Xbox controller (via built-in Xbox One connect button) and balance game and chat volumes on the fly with the on-headset ChatMix control. You can even see the headset’s battery level from the Xbox dashboard.

In addition to this, the Arctis 9X will include dual-wireless technology. This means that you can connect to any Bluetooth device while you are still connected and playing on the Xbox One. Not that this is a super common issue, but you won’t need to remove the headset to take a call anymore. You could also use it to hear for phone notifications or listen to music, which is what I would do in this scenario.

Audio Quality

When it comes to audio quality, you expect a quality experience. The Arctis series is well known for having high-quality audio. Feel free to check out our previous reviews on the Arctis Pro, Arctis 3, and Arctis 7 for reference. Until we get our hands on the Arctis 9X, a similar experience to the Arctis Signature Sound would be expected. The Arctis is not Dolby ATMOS certified but will support Windows Sonic Spatial Audio which can also be found when used on PC.

The Arctis 9X will also include built-in EQ presets. These equalizer options will be selectable via an EQ button that will cycle through the different presets with the push of the button. A distinct beep will indicate different modes. There is no mention of how many EQ presets there are, but this is a nice touch for those picky enough to want a different sound for different games.

Battery Life

The most exciting part of the Arctis 9X is the behemoth of battery life. You are looking about up to 20 hours of use. Steelseries claims this is double that of other Xbox wireless headsets. Less time charging means more time gaming. No word yet on how long it takes to charge the battery, but most charging options are fairly quick these days.

What’s a good headset without a good microphone? The Arctis 9X will be packed with a retractable ClearCast microphone capable of studio-quality voice clarity and background noise cancellation. Xbox One gamers can rejoice that the family arguments in the next room won’t be shared with the rest of their teammates. Overall, the Arctis 9X will definitely be the desired wireless Xbox One headset. Especially since it won’t cost over $300 like less compatible headsets on the market.

Arctis 9X

The Arctis 9X is available now on the Steelseries website for $199.99. There is no reason you shouldn’t consider this option when looking for a new headset if this fits in your budget. The amount of thought and effort that went into the creation of the Arctis 9X from Steelseries and Mircosoft is likely to pay off. What do you think? Will this be your new headset? What headset do you currently use?

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