Showtime’s live-action Halo series to have Pablo Schreiber as Master Chief

pablo schreiber master chief Halo series

The live-action Halo series was originally planned as an exclusive for Xbox Live, but Xbox Entertainment Studios closed down. The show must go on, and Showtime picked it up. Now we have news that Pablo Schreiber (American Gods, Orange Is the New Black) is set to play Master Chief, the protagonist of the series.

In the video game franchise, Master Chief is a biochemically and cybernetically-enhanced supersoldier and is known to wear the armor and helmet 24/7. He has a recognizable voice thanks to voice actor Steve Downes, and there’s a big mystery as to what he looks like underneath the helmet. Not much is known about whether we’ll see a different version of Master Chief in the series and whether Schreiber will be wearing the armor and helmet at all times like his video game counterpart. (He should be if they want to do justice to Master Chief.) With the soldier having an iconic voice, many fans will be extra critical if the actor can pull off the voice. Others have also portrayed the super soldier including Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn’s Daniel Cudmore (X-Men 2) and Halo Legends’ David Wald.

Fans of Orange Is the New Black know Schreiber as George “Pornstache” Mendez, the corrections officer who people love to hate. He also appeared as Mad Sweeney, aka the Leprechaun, in Starz’s American Gods.


Schreiber will be joined by Yerin Ha as Quan Ah, a new character created for the series. She’s described as a “shrewd, audacious 16-year-old from the Outer Colonies who meets Master Chief at a fateful time for them both.”

The series will be set in the futuristic timeline revolving around the war between the humans and the alien threat known as the Covenant. It’s going to “weave deeply drawn personal stories with action, adventure and a richly imagined vision of the future.”

Production is set to begin in the fall in Budapest, Hungary.

The Halo series will have Kyle Killen (Awake) and Steven Kane (The Last Ship) attached as the showrunners and executive producers. Amblin Television’s Darryl Frank & Justin Falvey, One Big Picture’s Otto Bathurst & Toby Leslie, Chapter Eleven’s Scott Pennington, and Karen Richards are also the executive producers.


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