Hellboy reboot is getting slammed by critics, plus reports of drama on set

Hellboy David Harbour

Hellboy is coming to theaters this weekend, and it’s a reboot that stars Stranger Things’ David Harbour as the titular hero. The movie has been promoted as a violent, gory, and R-rated movie. The first trailer was released with mixed reactions from fans, with the second trailer being an improvement. Well, the critics have been ripping the movie to pieces, with one critic saying it’s “one of the worst comic book movies ever made.”

“In a word, Hellboy is unpleasant,” Slash Film’s Josh Spiegel said. “Other appropriate adjectives to describe this reboot include dreadful, obnoxious, unnecessary, and interminable… one of the worst comic book movies ever made.”

Another critic had many bad things to say about the film.

“This stifled Hellboy isn’t even the worst part of the movie,” said Deirdre Crimmins of HighDef Digest. “The bloated plot is. Or it could be the distractingly bad CGI… No, actually, I think the worst part of Hellboy is the non-stop exposition.”

One critic missed Guillermo del Toro’s vision.

“You will never realize how much you need Guillermo del Toro in your life until you see the reboot of Hellboy,” said Christy Lemire of RogerEbert.com.

This critic compares the reboot to a high school production. Ouch!

“Comparing it to Del Toro’s 2004 original and 2008 sequel is like making an analogy between a Broadway production and a high school stage show,” said James Berardinelli of ReelViews.

Now there’s a report from The Wrap saying that there was drama behind the scenes involving director Nail Marshall and producers Lawrence Gordon and Lloyd Levin. Could this be the reason why the critics aren’t praising the film? Well, Levin’s attorney says that the claims are false.

The attorney says that The Wrap’s story appears “to be shaping up as a puff-piece for Mr. Marshall while tarnishing ‘Hellboy’ and my client.”

The producers have reportedly been controlling on the set to the point where they gave different directions to the cast. David Harbour was said to have left the set due to Marshall wanting more takes. Another report involved the look of a tree, where Marshall wanted it realistic and the producers wanted it asymmetrical, with the producers winning in the end.

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