LA’s ‘I want to live in your mouth’ brings your childhood nightmares to life

I want to live in your mouth immersive theaterical nightmare

Here I am, instructed to go through a backdoor in a dark alley. I walk inside, and it’s very dark. I’m not even sure where I should be going since I’m too busy thinking, “I hope nothing pops out at me.” I was a bit relieved to see a dim light behind a black curtain. Nothing says creepy like seeing a lonely chair sitting right in the middle of the gloomy room. A voice tells me to sit on the chair. As I sit down, the mysterious narrator directs me to look underneath the chair for an object. It turns out to be a teddy bear, and I have to hold it in front of me while concentrating on it. As I’m focusing, the voice hints that I shouldn’t be thinking about anything that may be lurking behind me. That just makes me think that something’s hiding behind me. Yeah, I want to live in your mouth. will mess with your mind.

Immersive theater is a unique form of entertainment that really makes a person feel like they’re part of the experience. Imagine yourself getting front row seats to a theatre show. To add to the immersion factor, these shows make you feel like the main character. The genre tends to be horror with LA shows like Delusion, Creep LA and The Tension Experience, and you usually go with a small group for a one-hour experience.

In I want to live in your mouth, you’ll experience the show by yourself without a group for 20 minutes. The creative team behind the show will have 20 minutes of playtime to make you shiver as you experience a world of nightmares. This definitely enhances the fear factor since you don’t have anyone to hold on to… that is unless you want to get close with the creepy creatures you’ll be encountering on your journey. Yes, there are monsters lurking in the dark, and the show will utilize all types of practical effects to disturb you. One creature reminded me of Kuato, a mutant from Total Recall, and it’s freaky as hell.

Luckily, you’ll be getting a guide, someone who will fill you in on the horrors that await you, so you won’t be truly alone. This guide will sometimes help show you the way, and sometimes you will be left alone to move forward. I did find myself in a staring contest initially with my guide. I figured I shouldn’t give in to the fear or else they’ll be able to sniff me out, but that really doesn’t help the deeper you go. There are a few jump scares, but most of the horror is psychological and not knowing what comes next. Your mind will play tricks on you as you’re walking alone in the dark.

I want to live in your mouth. is truly a unique and horrifying experience that is recommended for those who wants the next level of horror in immersive theatre. There are many factors that will deter many from attempting this due to the cost and the fact that you have to go inside alone. But if you’re brave enough, you’re in for a wild yet quick ride.

The show runs until May 5th, and you can purchase tickets at the I want to live in your mouth site for $47.50 each.

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