Interview with Shazam’s Jack Dylan Grazer

Shazam- Jack Dylan grazer

Shazam! is coming to theaters this week, and we had the chance to chat with actor Jack Dylan Grazer, who plays Freddie Freeman in the DC film. As the foster brother of protagonist Billy Batson, he helps Shazam discover his powers.

Nerd Reactor: Critics and fans from the early screenings are loving Shazam.

Jack Dylan Grazer: I went to a screening when I was in a press tour in Miami, and we sat in the audience with a bunch of fans, and they just lost it. It was crazy for them. They were just in love with the film. And to see that, it’s such a crazy ride. It’s really moving and awesome. I’m a fan of this movie as well. Being a part of it also is just a dream come true.

How excited were you on the set?

100%, yeah. I think when I saw the Batarang, I freaked out. When I saw Zach in his suit, I freaked out. A lot of the stuff with the foster home… looking at these beautiful sets that they made, the Rock of Eternity… Wow. This is incredible. I’m so thankful.

My favorite parts of Shazam is the family element and the school element. It’s relatable to a lot of people.

I think that it’s a pretty accurate depiction of what it’s like. I’m not a foster kid myself, but I really took a deep dive into what that life was like. I feel like this movie shines a lot on that part of reality. I feel like in most superhero films, that kind of element is sort of neglected. This movie humanizes them along with superhumanizes them, which I think shines a brighter light on them.

And the school aspect, I think, shows the hardship that kids have to go through at school and the bullying aspect, which I think is huge and is an epidemic and crazy and not cool. I think it really shines a lot of light. And my character personally is also kind of triumphant in that he kind of uses his sense of humor as a defense mechanism towards the bullies.

When acting opposite Zachary Levi, do you guys joke around a lot on the set?

Oh yeah, 100%. We constantly are improvising in our scenes and we make each other laugh so hard. We have a lot of fun.

Did you prepare yourself with acting with Asher Angel and Zachary Levi? 

It’s not really a lot of preparation between the adjustment of those two actors. They really were in cahoots and really understood each other in how they play the characters. They have empathy for each other’s take on the character and they really thrive together. They were really just kind of the same person, really.

Was there a favorite scene for you? For example, going to the liquor store and buying liquor?

That’s really fun. I think it’s accurate. That’s what two boys would do if one of them was granted the powers. I think that was super realistic because that’s what boys do in general… to get into mischief. I think that’s pretty funny. The convenient store scene was actually the first day for both Zach and me. I think that’s a great scene to start with because it really brought out the tone of the movie and the relationship we share and how much of a fun story this is.

In the film, you ask a question to Shazam on which power he would choose: invisibility or flight? Which would you choose?

Uh oh. I don’t know. I might have to go with flight. I feel like flight is cool and I feel like if someone were to have the ability of flying, I think immediately I would assume that they have more powers. I feel like flight is kind of the basic coverall. If one person has flight, then they definitely have other superpowers, you know what I mean? No one just flies. So you immediately assume that someone has more powers.

You’ve done the horror genre with It and the superhero genre with Shazam. Do you have other genres you would like to tackle, or are you okay with doing more of the superhero stuff.

I don’t want to get typecast. I want to tackle more drama for sure. That would be super fun. And maybe comedy, I don’t know. That’s kind of interesting for me like it’s second nature. But I don’t know, man. I’m just so thankful to be here right now. Whatever comes, let it happen. Let it rain.

If you had a chance to be any superhero, who would it be and why?

Batman. 100%. I grew up idolizing Batman and the entirety of the DC universe, but mostly Batman. I think he’s so cool. I think he’s a triumphant character in the DCEU just because he started off as an orphan. Part time he’s a business mogul and at night he’s the Caped Crusader. He’s this vigilante, stopping crime. He’s a triumphant character in that he’s orphan and he uses that for the greater good. I’m so obsessed with him. I love him.

Spoiler Ahead

Does a part of you wish you could have worn the suit instead of having your adult version wear the suit?

Yes, of course I want to wear that suit. It belongs to me! No. [laughs] I think Asher felt the same way a little bit. We all kind of did. All the kids did. No, but it’s cool. I don’t know. Still, I am a superhero. I guess I’m Shazam Jr. which is pretty sick.

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