CinemaCon 2019: Woody sacrifices love and saves the day in lengthy 17-minute Toy Story 4 clip (footage description)

Toy Story 4 Theatrical Poster

To close out their epic CinemaCon presentation, Disney is able to give those in attendance one more giant surprise. Producer Jonas Rivera came on stage to present to the crowd with the first 17-minutes of Toy Story 4.

Toy Story 4 begins nine years ago on a dark and stormy night. Jessie is looking outside the window worrying about the toys. All of a sudden, Andy drops all of the wet toys on the ground and leaves the room. In a panic, Woody and the rest of the gang go up to the window to look for the missing toy. At this instant, Woody tells the others to go into Molly’s room because they’ll have a better view of the area there. Once inside Molly’s room, Bo helps Woody up and they all search outside.

It’s RC.

RC is unable to move with the gutter rapids constantly pushing him further away from the house. Bo tells Woody that they should execute Operation Pull Toy. Bo calls upon the Barbies up to the shelf. They jump on a makeshift seesaw and slingshot Jessie to the top of the window and unlocks it. Bo uses her staff to hold Slinky and Woody as they drop down to try and save RC from being washed away in the rain. Unfortunately, they’re just too far out. So Bo uses the barrel of monkey to extend Slinky’s range and saves RC.

At this point, a car pulls up into the driveway as Woody, RC, and Slinky barely get away. A man gets out of the car and runs into the house. Buzz and Bo pull up everyone but something’s wrong. Andy’s mom closes the window before they can bring in Woody. Bo is looking at Woody as Andy’s mom takes Bo away. She asks Molly if she still wants the toy, and she tells her mom that she doesn’t want it anymore. As a result, she puts Bo and her sheep in a box and gives it to the man from the car outside. Once all the humans leave, the others open the window to find that Woody is gone.

The man puts the box down by his car and runs back into the house. Woody opens the box and tells Bo to get out before he gets back. However, Bo is okay with being given away. Woody’s unable to process all this because he believes that toys need to stay loyal to their child. But Bo reminds him that she’s not Andy’s toy. Bo accepts that she’ll be another person’s kid because that’s the sole purpose of toys. “Toy’s get lost all the time,” she says.

Toy Story 4 - Annie Potts, Tom Hanks, and Tim Allen

At this moment, Woody goes against everything he’s ever believed in by beginning to get inside the box. Yet Andy is running outside looking for Woody. He’s heartbroken that he has to go back and let the love of his life go. All of a sudden, the man from the car grabs the box and leaves. Woody is utterly heartbroken as he’s out in the rain. Andy finds Woody and brings him inside.

The camera pans up above the clouds to the tune of “You Got a Friend in Me” as the Toy Story 4 title appears. A fancy transitional montage of Andy playing with his toys begins all leading up to Andy giving up his toys to Bonnie. Afterward, a transitional montage of Bonnie playing with all of the toys starts playing. At the end of the montage, the camera pans in on Woody’s foot to see that Bonnie’s name is finally there.

Next, we see Woody trying to calm down all of Andy’s toys stuck in the closet. Yet the one that looks the most worried is Woody. Dolly yells that Bonnie is done with breakfast. “The town is open,” says Bonnie. She grabs a mixture of toys which includes Buzz, Jessie, Dolly, and Mr. Pricklepants. Bonnie also grabs Woody but she takes off his sheriff’s badge, puts it on Jessie, and leaves him in the closet.

The other toys are shocked that Woody is left in the closet… But this isn’t the first time that he’s been cast aside. This is actually the third time. All of a sudden, Bonnie’s father comes in and tells her that she has to leave for Kindergarten. She’s sad that she has to go and leave all of her toys behind. Yet she goes down anyways. Dolly tells the other toys that they all should stay put because Bonnie “always forgets something”. Yet that doesn’t stop Woody from coming out of the closet.

Buzz and Jessie try to console Woody but all he cares about is Bonnie. He wants to go with her even though the other toys know that she’ll get in trouble if a toy goes with her. Dolly forces Woody to go back into the closet as, sure enough, Bonnie comes back crying. Once her parents convince her once again that she should go, she’s finally gone. The toys try to attend to Woody but he’s not in there.

Toy Story 4 - Tony Hale and Tom Hanks

Somehow, Woody got inside of Bonnie’s backpack. Once in class, Bonnie is really hesitant to go inside. The teacher tells her that there’s a special place where she can put her backpack. Reluctantly, she goes with the teacher. After she drops off her backpack, Bonnie shyly sits alone at one of the tables. At the same time, Woody unzips the backpack to assess the situation. A kid comes to her table and grabs something. Unfortunately, even when Bonnie says hi, the kid completely ignores her. As a result, Bonnie gets even sadder.

Being the special toy that he is, Woody tries to do whatever it takes to make her happy. So he escapes from the backpack and goes into a nearby trashcan. He grabs a variety of items and sneakily drops it off in front of Bonnie. Once she realizes what’s in front of her, she starts to build herself a toy. Once done, Bonnie writes her name on his popsicle stick feet. This is how Forky is born.

Bonnie impresses the teacher with Forky and Bonnie is sure damn proud of it too. Woody did his job. After school, an elated Bonnie runs to her parents and tells them that she survived Kindergarten! Once home, Woody introduces Forky to the other toys. Sadly, all Forky can really say is “trash”. Woody explains to them that Forky is built to be thrown in the trash. That’s why the only thing he can say is “trash”. It’s like a sadder yet more hilarious version of Groot. Yet Woody tries to get the others to accept Forky even though he’s so adamant about being thrown in the trash.

Toy Story 4 hits theaters on June 21st.

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