New Shazam! trailer continues fun adventures of learning superpowers

Warner Bros has released a new trailer for Shazam! starring Zachary Levi as the titular hero. Like the previous trailer, it continues the fun adventures of what it’s like to

Warner Bros’ Kevin Tsujihara says upcoming DC films won’t be as connected

Aquaman and Wonder Woman have both made a lot of money for Warner Bros, making over $1 billion and $800 million, respectively. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice

New red-band Hellboy trailer is more epic than the first

When the first trailer for the Hellboy reboot came out, it was met with criticism. There were plenty of fans who were disappointed at the tone of the film since

Jason Momoa is turned into Momo on social media

Parents around the world are freaking out thanks to the Momo Suicide Challenge, a hoax that has resurfaced thanks to local news stations and scared parents spreading the news yet

Shazam’s Zachary Levi urges fans to stop hating on Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel has been receiving a lot of flak as of late, especially with Brie Larson’s comments about how there are a lot of white men at press events. She

Shazam director says new trailer coming out Monday

With Shazam! coming to theaters the month after Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel, there have been many fans comparing the two upcoming films. It even led to Zachary Levi urging fans

Captain Marvel brings back ’90s craze with Magic Eye posters

Remember the craze of Magic Eye in the ’90s? I remember looking at these in the back of cereal boxes, and they look like colorful patterns to the naked eye.

Edge of Tomorrow sequel is moving forward with new writer

Tom Cruise lived, died, and repeated things over and over again in Edge of Tomorrow, the futuristic sci-fi film where aliens with the ability to manipulate time are invading and

Xcentz 5-Port Wall Charger & xWingman portable charger (review)

I own a lot of personal electronics, from smartphones to tablets, all the way to wireless headphones. These electronics consume a lot of battery power, and when it comes to

Apollo 11 Review

The Apollo 11 mission is not just an achievement for NASA and the United States. It’s an achievement for all mankind. After so many years, you’d think that we’ve seen