Mark Hamill to voice Chucky in Child’s Play reboot

I absolutely love the ’80s. From film to TV, music to fashion, I am a bonafide fanatic of the time period. That’s why I’m not going to lie: I haven’t been looking forward to the upcoming reboot of the 1988 horror film, Child’s Play. It wasn’t based on the choice to remake the ’80s classic. It wasn’t the new direction being taken with supposedly how the dolls get possessed. What upset me the most was that Brad Dourif, the man who birthed the voice that haunted my nightmares, wouldn’t be brought back to reprise his role. But with the latest development, I am seriously reconsidering my stance on the film.

During the Orion’s panel presentation at WonderCon, fans roared with excitement when famed actor and voice actor Mark Hamill appeared on the overhead video screens in a taped message to the fans. “If you’re wondering who’s going to play Chucky in the new Child’s Play,” the bearded Hamill said, “you’re looking at him.” Hamill, who’s made a name for himself as the iconic Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars franchise, has also created infamy in the realm of voice acting, most notably as the Joker in the Batman: The Animated Series. He has also done work in animated films, television cartoons, video games, radio dramas, and web projects.

The fact that this may turn into an opportunity to see a small doll inhabited by the spirit of a sadistic and vulgar Joker has me super excited! Yes, I love the integrity of one of my favorite ’80s horror films, but having Mark Hamill -who’s voiced him in a Robot Chicken episode, actually- voice this role is honestly the only one who could replace Brad Dourif.

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