Mystique tells Professor X to change X-Men to X-Women in Dark Phoenix WonderCon footage

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WonderCon is happening at the Anaheim Convention Center this weekend, and Fox was present to hype up X-Men fans during its Dark Phoenix panel. Attendees got the chance to see 17 minutes of X-Men: Dark Phoenix filled with action and drama. The footage shown shows off the genesis of Jean Grey as the Dark Phoenix, the X-Men returning home from their space mission, and a battle with Magneto’s team and the X-Men. Beware of spoilers ahead.

The X-Men Flies into Space

The first scene focuses on the X-Men going on a space mission to save astronauts stranded in space. We see the X-Jet flying into space, and I have to wonder who’s behind the X-Men’s ship that’s more efficient than NASA’s space shuttles. As the X-Men heads to space, they see the space shuttle spinning and out of commission. Here we see Mystique leading the X-Men as she gives each member orders on how to save the astronauts. (X-Men purists might roll their eyes when they see Mystique, a known villain in the X-Men comics, giving orders to the X-Men.) Nightcrawler helps with transporting some of the X-Men into the ship, Quicksilver makes sure everyone is brought together quickly, and Jean Grey tries to put the ship back together using her telekinetic powers.

The astronauts are in danger thanks to an orange aura surrounding the space shuttle. With each X-Man using their powers, they are able to save the astronauts. However, there’s one more astronaut to save, and Professor X, who’s using Cerebro back at the X-mansion, tells them to save the last survivor. Jean Grey volunteers and is aided by Nightcrawler via teleportation. Nightcrawler brings the last survivor back to the X-Jet, but before he could go back to save Jean, the strange aura consumes the ship, destroying it. Miraculously, Jean Grey is still in one piece and is floating in space. Nightcrawler teleports to her and retrieves her. Cyclops is relieved that she’s alive. Once the X-Jet lands, the X-Men are greeted by fans with signs, praising them as heroes.

The X-Men Returns Home

The X-Men comes back to the X-mansion with the students all cheering them on. Mystique isn’t too happy about Professor X pushing the X-Men to save the humans by risking their lives. Charles Xavier says that helping humans is a good thing since mutants are now treated as heroes thanks to their good deeds. Mystique says that the X-Men are still too young to risk their lives, and it’s easy for Charles since he is leading from the safety of the mansion. She then tells him that he should change the name of X-Men to X-Women because it seems that the men in the team always need saving.

Magneto vs. the X-Men

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Magneto is on the hunt for Jean Grey since she’s the reason for Mystique’s death. Charles Xavier sends Cyclops and Nightcrawler to stop him, and Storm insists on joining the mission. Charles objects since he doesn’t want to risk more lives, but Cyclops interjects, saying that the team will need all the help they can get.

Once the X-Men arrives, they see Magneto and his group going after Jean Grey. Surprisingly, Beast is on Magneto’s side. Each X-Men member takes on Magneto’s henchmen. Cyclops goes up against Beast, Nightcrawler and Charles Xavier fight another telepath, and Storm goes after a mutant who has the power to attack with his hair. (I’m not sure who this mutant is, but his powers are similar to Medusa from Inhumans.) The action is intense, and we really get to see Cyclops blasting away and Storm using her powers. Cyclops is being a little bit reckless with his powers, but I guess he’ll do anything to try to save Jean Grey. You know he’s angry when he drops an F-bomb. (Hurray for the PG-13 rating!)

Magneto is able to put a barrier between himself and the X-Men by lifting a subway train from the underground onto the streets. He walks into a building and confronts Jean Grey, who is seen with the mysterious character played by Jessica Chastain. Magneto uses his powers by ripping the metal railings from the staircase and tries to impale Jean Grey in the face. That doesn’t work since she is now stronger, thanks to her powers being amplified by the Dark Phoenix. She moves the metal railing aside and shows Magneto her immense powers by slowly crushing his helmet. We can hear crunching sounds as Magneto is in pain.

And that’s the footage shown during WonderCon. Dark Phoenix hits theaters on June 7, 2019.

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