Respawn RSP 900 Review: Finally, a gaming recliner

In a seemingly oversaturated gaming chair market, Respawn has been very creative, from creating the average gaming chair to chairs for people large in stature like the RSP 400 we reviewed. And now for those that love to be very relaxed, the Respawn RSP 900 is the first gaming chair that I’ve seen go full-on comfy. It’s a gaming recliner and I am so glad it’s here. Let’s take a closer look.

Specs & Features

  • Segmented padding and a headrest pillow
  • In-armrest cupholder to keep drinks handy
  • Reclining back and footrest extension
    • Both pieces operate independently from each other
    • Chair and footrest are one piece, preventing controller or headset wires from getting caught when collapsing the footrest
  • Removable side pouch to keep game controllers (or snacks) close
  • Swivels 360 degrees
  • Covered by the RESPAWN Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Dimensions:
    • Depth: 35.04″ – 51.18″
    • Width: 30.71″
    • Height: 30.71″
    • Weight capacity: 275 lbs


The setup process was easy to understand and complete with the instructions and tools delivered with the RSP 900. Most of the chair comes already assembled, similar to their other gaming chairs. With a few nuts and bolts, the recliner will be set up in about 20 to 30 minutes. All of the nuts and bolts are well hidden, including the two in each side of the backrest which are hidden under the leather and accessed through a zipper.

Daily Use

I was a bit hesitant about the strength of the RSP 900 at first. I weigh nearly 250lbs, so I know the feeling of something that might break when I sit on it. Over the first week, I became more confident in the chair. I think my concern for stability was due to the slim nature of the recliner.

Normally recliners are rather large. The RSP 900, however, is built similar to a gaming chair. Just imagine a gaming desk chair and replace the wheelbase with a circular reinforced base, larger armrests, and a leg extension.


rsp900 playing

The material is fairly durable, but not the high-end leather some expensive chairs have. Respawn does provide a lifetime warranty if there are any issues with the RSP 900 throughout its use. I believe they went with a mid-tier leather to achieve the price point of $299 they set.

The metal used for the framework of the RSP 900 is very sturdy. After several weeks of use, there are no loose or wobbly parts. However, after about 4 days, my kids broke the handle off of the leg support level, so now it’s a bit of a hazard, but something easily fixable.


I also found that the cup holder was something of use as well. In most/all cases, this chair will sit in the living or gaming room. I would not recommend using the RSP 900 at a desk. It is not exactly mobile, and desks work better with chairs that have a wheelbase. So watching movies and playing games with snacks on the TV is the optimal experience.

rsp900 standalone

In addition to the cup holder, there is also a controller pocket on the side. Within the pocket, there is a thin divider. It is such a small detail, but a wise one. It was because of the small divider that I was able to have my TV remote on one side, and my console controller in the other. The pocket is not quite big enough to hold both a PS4 and Xbox One controller at the same time, but most of us have a preferred console and will likely stash that one in this pocket.

The main difference between the RSP 900 and other gaming chairs, besides the recliner, is the amount of cushion support. The armrests are completely covered with padding and provide a true recliner experience. The backrest will lower itself plenty far back enough to take a snooze between gaming sessions. As for the leg extension, it sits at a comfortable position but felt ever-so-slightly lower than I preferred.

What Could Be Better?

Not too much to be honest. The leg support lever will overlap the backrest adjustment handle. It wasn’t too common, but I did get my finger caught in-between the two a couple of times. That wasn’t too pleasant. Similar to the RSP 400, the handle cover fell off fairly quickly, so maybe if they were screwed into place it would have stayed on.

rsp900 chairs

This last piece of feedback would be to create more fabric options. My wife and I absolutely love this chair, but it is an eyesore in our living room. The RSP 900 will fit perfectly in nearly any gaming room. If there was a more fabric type material option, rather than the typical gaming chair leather, then I would snatch that in a heartbeat and wouldn’t worry about it fitting in with the living room.

Final Reaction

The Respawn RSP 900 is absolutely comfortable and has become my gaming chair of choice for the living room. My wife is pregnant so she has a difficult time getting comfortable, but is always comfortable in the RSP 900. The cup holder and controller pocket make gaming and lounging even more convenient.

Comparing the price of $299 to other recliners on the market, I would say this is an excellent buy if it doesn’t clash too much with your living or gaming room. I REALLY hope Respawn creates more fabric material options on future iterations because I love this chair.

Score: 4/5 Atoms

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