Crunchyroll Games releases DanMemo x Date a Live III crossover event

Continuing on its popular collaboration with Attack on Titan, Crunchyroll games is launching another collaboration with its popular DanMemo game. The game releases today and features a collaboration with the anime series “Date A Live III.” This special event collaboration will run until April 17th.

This crossover event will contain an original story by “Date a Live” author Koshi Tachibana and “Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?” author Fujino Omori. It will include the characters from Date a Live III, Kotori Itsuka (Efreet), Kurumi Tokisaki (Nightmare), Origami Tobiichi (Angel), and Touka Yatogami (Princess).

The story for the collaboration will follow Shido and the girls, the hero, and Spirits of “Date A Live III, as they appear in the Dungeon of Orario!. Loki Familia has recognized the spirits as being risk factors, which leads to an intense battle between the two. In the middle of the battle, something drastically changes within Ais. A catastrophic event is about to fall on Orario!.

Players who log in during the special crossover event, “Ais Catastrophe,” will receive a special in-game character for free, Kaguya and Liliruca(Berserker). Each time players complete the special tale, they will increase their stats even further. Content for the epic collaboration will include 32 new Date a Live III missions and two newly themed heroic trails for those hardcore players.

DanMachi: Memoria Fresse is a Crunchyroll game that was released last year in partnership with Sumitomo Corporation and Gree, Inc. DanMachi is available on Android and iOS, with the collaboration available today.

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