April’s PS Plus free games include Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles

A new month means a new set of free PS Plus games for PS Plus members. April 2019 brings us 2 highly acclaimed games with great replay value that we, ourselves, at Nerd Reactor have dedicated hours and days on.

Conan Exiles

This game never sleeps. Even after logging off the game, you must make sure to either hide or secure your dormant body that does not disappear from this world. In this vulnerable state, you are likely to be robbed of all your clothing and maybe even killed. Your only protection lies in your ability to create a shelter in one of the many ecosystems. Our Nerd Reactor clan built bases atop trees and also hid bases inside temples. Banding together with your friends and clan is the most assured way to survive. This game falls under the survival genre and, after a steep learning curve, will provide a great addiction. I can’t wait for the surge of new PS4 players into my Conan Exiles world.

Check our review of the game.

The Surge

This is an RPG-style game where you work on upgrading your exoskeleton to battle your enemies. The world takes place in a dystopian future with the human race on the cusp of extinction. It is a hack and slash game that plays similarly to earlier Deck13 title, Lords of the Fallen, albeit at a little bit faster pace and more vibrant scenery. The block and attack mechanic is also shared but most will find parrying as a more rewarding counter. This game is commonly compared to the blockbuster Dark Souls for its gameplay mechanics.

This also serves as a reminder to claim your March 2019 free PS Plus games before it’s too late. Both upcoming titles will be available on April 2, so make sure you claim your March titles because it’s now or never.

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