Jordan Peele’s Us earns $70 million for its opening weekend

Us Movie Lupita Nyongo

Jordan Peele’s first film as a director was Get Out, a horror film that follows a boyfriend who discovers the dark secret from his girlfriend’s family. It touched on topics of race and got more intense as the secrets are unraveled. With his second film, Us, he plans on sticking with the horror genre, but this time, it’s about a family that faces doppelgängers who invade their vacation home. The film came out in theaters over the weekend, and it has earned an impressive $70 million.

Jordan Peele and Universal should be very happy with the numbers, especially since the movie’s production budget is just $20 million. With an estimated $70.25 million, that’s more than twice the amount for Get Out’s opening weekend of $33 million.

It’s also doing great compared to other horror films since it’s the third highest horror opening behind 2017’s It ($123 million) and 2018’s Halloween ($76 million). And to make it sound even more extraordinary, the film isn’t a sequel or remake, and it’s behind Avatar’s $77 million with best opening weekend for an original live-action film. Of course, original animated films have been doing great at the box office opening weekend with Inside Out’s $90.4 million, Zootopia’s $75 million, The Incredibles’ $70.46 million and Finding Nemo $70.25 million. (Finding Nemo just barely beats Us.)

With Us opening in theaters, Captain Marvel came down to second place with $35 million over the weekend with a box office total of $321.5 million nationwide. The film has earned over $900 million worldwide since its release.

Us synopsis: Accompanied by her husband, son and daughter, Adelaide Wilson returns to the beachfront home where she grew up as a child. Haunted by a traumatic experience from the past, Adelaide grows increasingly concerned that something bad is going to happen. Her worst fears soon become a reality when four masked strangers descend upon the house, forcing the Wilsons into a fight for survival. When the masks come off, the family is horrified to learn that each attacker takes the appearance of one of them.

The film is written and directed by Jordan Peele and stars Lupita Nyong’o (Black Panther, Star Wars: The Force Awakens) as Adelaide Wilson, Winston Duke (Black Panther) as Gabriel “Gabe” Wilson, Shahadi Wright Joseph as Zora Wilson, Evan Alex as Jason Wilson, Elisabeth Moss (The Handmaid’s Tale) as Kitty Tyler, Tim Heidecker (Ant-Man and the Wasp) as Josh Tyler, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II (Aquaman) as Russel Thomas, Anna Diop as Rayne Thomas, Cali and Noelle Sheldon as Becca and Lindsey Tyler.

Source: Box Office Mojo

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